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It Was Fun!

My title for this post is an ode to Haley K. :), but it really was fun AND inspiring...

Yesterday, Haley let me go over to her place as she gave me tips and advice for starting a successful photography business. I absolutely soaked it up like a spunge. But even more than that, I sat there in disbelief at every part of the afternoon. For starters, their house is beautiful, and I love her taste in decorating. Then, there's the studio. Oh. My. Word. It was amazing. Haley, if you're reading this, I have a blog post idea for you! You should post pictures of your studio. Truly, it was amazing. I would get my pictures taken by them just to be able to hang out there!
My level of respect grew (and it was already high) for their business. I'm sure most of the readers of this blog already read theirs, but just in case you're one of the minority, check it out by clicking here! I left their thinking 2 things...the first was that they've done it right. There's a reason they've been so successful and it's called hard work, hard work, and more hard work, with God blessing them all along. The other thought was thinking that if I ever come to the point in my life (be it photography or any other area) where someone is following behind, I need to turn around and give them a hand up. Talking to Haley was exsactly what I needed as I was beginning to feel very overwhelmed with how little I know.
Thanks, Haley, for the great afternoon!!! It meant more to me than you know. And thanks to Landon...I know it was a rough afternoon since I was keeping him from his suprise! :D

On another note, your answers to the "Tami Trivia" are cracking me up!!! Hilarious! I don't think anyone has gotten 100% yet so there's still room for someone to pull ahead!


taryn said...

I'll second everything you said... Kristi and I paid them a visit not long ago and I agree with your entire blog post. Their house is adorable, their studio is awesome, and they are great company and advice-givers!

Haley said...

Tami, you are so sweet (you too Taryn)! I don't know what to say...

In fact, I asked Tater how to respond to something so nice. He said that maybe we should hire you to come up with our response. ;)

(If any of you know me well, you know that I have a hard time coming up with words to posts. We tease about paying Tami to come up with words for us because she is always so great and creative with her writing).

Truly Tami, I had so much fun too! It was great having you here. We definitely don't know it all or haven't done everything right, but when we first started out we were hungry for any information that we could get. Heather Bookout did the same for us, and that meant a great deal to us.

Tater and I know that you are going to do well! You are a great photographer, and I'm so glad we can be in this business together. :)

I love you!

p.s. Landon did get his surprise: a trip to grandpa and grandma's house last night. :)

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