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Tami Trivia

1. What sweatshirt am I wearing at this moment?
b. U of I

Only 1 person got this right! That’s right, folks, I am not only the proud owner of a U of I sweatshirt but can be found wearing it almost every single night here at work. But the other guesses were good as I have MANY ISU sweatshirts and I have a Students for Bush t-shirt. Thanks to everyone for not guessing the New Kids On The Block shirt!!! I may have had to close down this blog had I thought that you would degrade me to that level. :)

2. What is my favorite ride at Great America?
c. Superman Roller Coaster (b. Batman is a VERY close second)

The majority of the people guessed Bumper cars, which I thought was funny ‘cause the Bumper Cars, Tea Cups, and Swings are by far my least favorite rides. I don’t see the joy in sitting in a little car that barely moves and have strangers find wicked joy in hitting me over and over. Besides, I always get trapped in the corner which is simply a waste of money. Apparently, to the surprise of many of you, I love roller coasters. I’m not hardcore in that I will ride the biggest and badest, but I really do love most of them. If you’ve ever ridden a roller coaster with me, my guess is that you’ve never forgotten it. I start screaming from the moment the car moves…oh, but it’s fun. Next time you go to Great America, check out the Superman and Batman. They’re amazing.

3. What is my favorite way to ride in a car?
c. Sitting in the back seat being chauffeured

Call me weird, but it’s true. Now, if I want to have a good talk with a sister or friend, the front seat is where I want to sit, but if it’s for the pure joy of riding, I love it when someone will drive me around…kind of like Miss Daisy. I’ll get out of driving almost every time if it’s my choice…probably has to do with the 4 accidents I was in last year?

4. Do I like chocolate?
b. Not really...I could go the rest of my life and not eat any.

5. What's my favorite ice cream flavor?
c. chocolate
I should clarify that I don’t really like ice cream either…it’s too cold. But, if I’m going to eat ice cream, chocolate is the best flavor ‘cause it doesn’t seem as sweet or rich as vanilla.

6. Who have I been known to say that their singing feels like it can touch my soul? (I'm a bit dramatic, I'll admit it!)
b. Josh Groban

It’s true…to this day. I’m not a Grobanite, nor do I think he’s good looking or anything like that, but oh man, his singing can hit me right in the depth of my soul. :)

7. What CD was I holding when I was hit by a car in Best Buy's parking lot?
b. High School Musical 3
I think every single person got this right! Good for you!!!

8. What makes me blush?
c. knee pads
If you haven’t heard the story, then I’m really thankful and will not be repeating it.

9. How many times have I worn braces?
a. 3
Some people have stated that they think it’s a trick question…however, I blogged about the fact that I’m doing Invisalign right now and as they are advertised and priced as braces, I’m counting them as braces. So, yep, it’s my third time…2 metal, 1 clear.

10. What occupation have I NOT considered?
c. Nurse

You probably thought these were passing dreams, but they weren’t. I actually applied to the CIA when I graduated college…I don’t think that my “other language spoken” as Japanese at a Novice level was very impressive to them! But they have my application on file for 3 years…I’m still hoping for that call from Jack Bauer. J I wanted to be an Astronaut for 5 years. We watched a shuttle lift off one year in Florida and then went to NASA…that sealed the deal in my mind. My uncle (who passed away) actually worked for NASA or they wanted to hire him (can’t remember which), so I thought I should carry it on! And being a Jockey was the first occupation I ever wanted to be. Most little kids said they wanted to be a policeman, fireman, teacher, or nurse…I would tell everyone that I was going to be a Jockey. Believe me, there were MANY, MANY, MANY tears in mourning the loss of that dream when my grandma told me that I wasn’t built to be one.

11. What was the last book I read?
c. Green Eggs and Ham

12. Where would I like to go for a dream vacation?
c. Ireland/Scotland

13. What is one of my all time favorite movies?
b. Chariots of Fire
If you haven’t seen this…you need to. I love it.

14. Who would I consider to be some of my role models?
c. David Barton, Roger Magnuson, Christiana Reed
I just have to make a comment in response to Jonathan’s about me liking Oprah and Vanessa Hudgens?!?!?!? Apparently, you never read the posts where I have clarified MULTIPLE times that I DO NOT LIKE OPRAH!!!! I’m not sure why everyone thinks I do?! I will clarify one more time…I would love to have her job, but AM NOT A FAN of her! And Vanessa Hudgens?!?!?! She ranks in the “Celebrities that annoy me” right with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan. So, yeah, my answer definitely was not them. And yes, Kasey, Miss Patty and Tyler Perry was my shout out to you in Switzerland!

15. How long is my hair?
c. Shoulder length
Surprisingly, most people got this right! I had hair half way down my back, but got 8 inches cut off just last week, so now I have shoulder length.

Now, for the winner?!?! With a grand total of 11 right, Megan K., you are the winner!!!! Well, since Macs are one of my favorite things…you will be winning a gift certificate to itunes.

Thanks for playing!!!

*I got to take pictures at the Family Baseball Night...this was one of my favorites from the night. Megan and I were laughing that they look like little gangsters. :) I said it could almost be the cover of their CD, should they ever decide to record! :)


megs @ whadusay said...

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!

I have finally won a game on Tami's blog... cross that one off the bucket list! :)

Pumped about Itunes too, there are several songs I have been wanting to purchase, so my prize will come in very handy.

Thanks Tami!!

leisle deisle said...

congratulations sister. my sorrow is sweetened by your joy :)

and i LOVE this picture. very cool indeed :)

smw said...

sad i didn't win (though i didn't expect to) but i had to say i love the picture. now that i have an editing tool, i want to know what all you did to it. :)

Jonathan E. said...

Sadly this was a devasting loss for me. I probably almost finished last, I've been away too long. Oh well, see you this weekend.

Marla said...

Gangstas!!!!? No WAy. Not my little buddies.

Marla said...

I just realized where your header came from!! You are so talented!

Daish said...

I love this picture! It's adorable. So Tami, I think you're due to come out to Leo.

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