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Evening with Friends

To say that I was nervous would be an understatement...I adore Gary and Marla and their family, and when Marla asked me to take some pictures of their family, I was excited but anxious because I so badly wanted to turn out some great pictures for them. Well, it was a great learning experience for me as I'd never taken a group this size...I'm still sorting and editing, but these were some pictures that immediately caught my eye.

Thanks for taking this chance with me...I know it's not easy getting the entire family picture ready! It was really an honor to take these pictures for you!!!!

These kids have such beautiful coloring!!!

My friends. :)

"The Girls"

I adore them and this picture...I just have to mention that I did not enhance their eyes! Aren't they amazing?!


Heather said...

You did an awesome job, Tami! These pictures are beautiful!

Klint & Sarah said...

I get SO excited when I see that you've put a new post up!!

These are gorgeous!! WOW!! That pic of Gary and Marla could be in a magazine!

Keep up the amazing work!!!

Heidi Rink. said...

Once again...Great job Tam! Kory and Megan do have beautiful eyes, can see where their kids get theirs.

smw said...

those are awesome. the couple pictures are great. and yes, their eyes are amazing.

Jami said...

oh I was excited to see some of these are up!! lovely lovely lovely!! :)

Daish said...

These are great Tam. You do so good. I agree, their eyes are amazing.

Daish said...

These are great Tam. You do so good. I agree, their eyes are amazing.

Pam said...

A continuation of your great work, Tami. You do an amazing job with lighting and catching expressions. I love the three little girls' picture, but they're all wonderful! I'm so proud of you!

Aunt Pam

Amber said...

that is a great picture of Kory and Megan!

fun pics tam : )

leah said...

tami...i think i said this before...but i LOVE it when you post...i just get so excited to see whats next!!

the ringgers look so great...i think that all of them could be in a magazine like sarah said...especially g&m and c&m.


Jonathan E. said...

I would like to order an 8x10 copy of the picture of Gary and Marla to frame and put on my wall. Thank you.

Let me know the cost, I am willing to pay up to $100.

Jonathan Eberhardt
2202 Arbour Walk Circle
Beautiful Naples, FL 34109

megs @ whadusay said...

Tami - Love, Love, Love the pictures! I have to say I am really excited about the pics you got of the boys too - I'm not sure which one I'm going to pick!

And I agree with a lot of the other comments, I get excited when you have a new post to see what pictures are going to show up next - you are doing a fantastic job!

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