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I have a Logo!!!


Thanks to Alesa, my friend and graphic designer from Indianapolis, I have my new logo for Tami Paige Photography!!! I'm beyond thrilled to have it as it makes me feel like I'm a little more "official". I told her that it was really surreal to have my logo as I've spent hours as a college student scribbling out a logo for a video business, but now I have one of my own! It's so fun.

I also thought I'd post a couple pictures from this past Saturday when Jarod, Heidi, and I went to the U of I vs. ISU game. I had one of those pictures with the field in the background, but it's a terrible picture of all of us! :)


You can't see it by the picture, but it's Jarod and Heidi in front of the dedication to the young men who served in WWI...Jarod loves the memorial makes it a point to read it each time they go. I loved it!



Carmen O. said...

beautiful, dahling, as always!

Haley said...

Love it Tami! It's so professional, stylish, and bold. Great job Alesa!

Pam said...

Love the logo, Tami. Very classy!

Amber said...

the logo is great Tam!

Sandra said...

Logo is Amazing!! Love it! See you soon for our pictures:)

smw said...

i love the logo, and you guys are SO SO beautiful. but then i hope you know that already.

Heidi Rink. said...

I love the logo, and I am glad you took your camera to the game. Thanks for the tickets too!

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

LOVE your logo!!

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