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Catching Up

Well, it was awesome. Awesome trip, great friends, amazing weather, and nice to get a break. Yep, one reason why my blog was dead last week is because I was in sunny California with some friends. I never announce trips on here for safety reasons, but realized it wasn't a good idea when it came to my photography business. I just assumed I'd have internet and phone reception...neither being true most of the week!
Anyway, I've been busy trying to catch up on work since I've been back, but it was a great break and we had a blast!!! I'll post some pictures later on after I get more important things done. :)
Happy Monday! :)



taryn said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!!

One of my FAVORITE things to do on trips is photograph all the people, places, and memories... I'm sure you did much the same. =)


Anonymous said...


Loved our family pictures!
Got our order placed, so it will be fun to see them!
Thanks again - we really appreciate it:)

Glad you had a fun trip - it is nice to get away!

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