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Behind the Shoots

If you're like me, you love being able to peek behind the curtains into the "behind the scenes" of major productions. I remember when DVDs first came out with the commentary features of movies where you'd watch the entire movie with the voiceover of the actor and director talking about all the behind the scenes secrets we didn't know! I remember watching those and thinking to myself,
"Why WOULDN'T someone want to watch the movie this way?"
Okay, lets just say, I'm not that weird anymore (at least in that area), but I'm still intrigued with what goes on the other side of the lense.

Well, if you'd turn the camera around on Tami Paige Photography, you'd find me...but surrounding me, there'd also be a couple second shooters and assistants that have helped make my business. When I post pictures, I'm the one that gets compliments, but if you were to walk with me on a shoot, you'd know that it's my second shooters and assistance that are my backbone and what makes the shoots work.

So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I'm dedicating this post to you, my little crew whose selflessly and enthusiastically been there to help capture these great moments for our clients!!!

The first person I'll mention is Leslie, because hands down, Leslie is the one that has gone with me on the most shoots! What does she do?! Anything I ask. Really. The thing that makes Leslie such a valuable assistant to me is that she checks her ego at the door (not that she really has one to check, but you know what I mean!). No job is too little, no mud is too squishy for her to walk in, no shoot is too far, and no shoot too insignificant for her. She carries my coats, water, cameras, she lets me test shoot on her, she's my puppet holder and makes the kids laugh. She's also just a lot of fun to have along and when I start freaking out that the shoot didn't go well, she's always able to make me laugh in the end. I could make an entire collage (which I'm sure I'll do someday) of all the test shoots I've done on Leslie, but for now, this is my favorite I've taken of her so far 'cause it captures so well the role she's played in Tamie Paige Photography!

My cousin Whitney is also someone who has not only acted as my assistant but has been a source of true artistic inspiration. She's an art major and some of my best shoots have come because of the inspiration that comes from talking to her...including the shoot I did of her and her boyfriend, Isaac. She made me an "Inspiration Book" that will have a post of it's own because it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten in my life! Here are a couple pictures from the shoot she came on with me when I took pictures of her sister, Kaitlin.


Finally, my sisters, Rebekah and Heidi have gone with me to larger shoots as my second shooters, which means they've gone with their cameras and have been the second photographers. They've been amazing and have captured some amazing photographs that I'll post here in the near future! Not only are they my second shooters, but they look at every gallery that I post for a client. I cry to them, cheer with them, and this might as well be their business for all the emotional, time, and supportive investment they've made into the business. Matt and Rebekah are actually letting me set up a client viewing area in their basement (more on that to come)!!!
I only had one picture of Rebekah secondshooting with me, and I know she hates it, so I'm not going to post it, but here are some pictures of Heidi shooting my first wedding with me and one of Rebekah and Heidi acting as my subjects while I practice shooting with a flash for the first time...



How could I say thanks enough to each of you?!?! You're what makes this business so fun!!!! I truly feel your desire for the business to succeed, and I owe this to you. I love you all!!!

Just for fun, I thought I'd end the post with some additional "Behind the Shoots" pictures. Happy weekend!!!

During Tara's shoot, it started to rain, so I gave her the reflector as an umbrella!

Testing the light with Kait...she's being a good sport and holding the reflector for me!

And finally, this shot that Heidi got of me while shooting my first wedding.


Heidi Rink. said...

It's an honor to serve with you.

Heidi Rink. said...

haha...I thought it would sound funny, like in the movies when the men are ready to go down with their ship...but it just sounded kind of creapy, so It's always fun working with you TamTam!

kasey said...

Fun post. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look at Tami Paige Photography!

leisle deisle said...

heidi, you make me laugh :)

and tam, all i can say is it has been a pleeesar :)

and by the way, the laughter tami caught on film, was a mixed with a fair dose of shock when those sheep came charging at me! yes, they DO look threatening don't they... especially the one that's pleasantly nibbling at the ground... don't let it fool you, i think it was about ready to charge the gate down

Daish said...

Now that was a fun post to read and look at. I love that picture of Leslie. She's pretty great isn't she.

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