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Wednesday Musings...

I'm at work and looked out the window to see that it's a cloudy day. Yay! I love rain. However, I've got a photoshoot tomorrow with some adorable little girls so Dear Mr. Rain, you can come today, but you mustn't misbehave tomorrow. I've decided.

I bought Trident's Layers gum yesterday...strawberry and citrus flavored. It tastes like medicine. And not the Mary Poppins kind. But it comes in a cute package so I'm sure I'll will simply have to buy it again.

There will be a new feature to my blog in the near future. ETA...next week sometime. You are excited and can't wait! I know you don't believe me but it's true, you are.

Called to Worship practice started again last night...I'm reminded once again of why I love all those guys...spaghetti sauce and all.

Last night, a girl from Kentucky called me at work and asked me to tell her what kind of car she drove...?!...Apparently, "A red alarm button on my key thingy" was all the information I needed to figure out this perfect stranger's year, make, and model of her vehicle. I couldn't figure it out...She was shocked. In turn, I was appalled with the entire state of Kentucky.

Today is the beginning of my weekend. Cheers to 4 day weekends!

Do you ever feel nervous and excited and that knowledge that you could easily laugh and cry at the same time for no apparent reason?! Some people call it "crazy"...others call it "normal"...Heidi would call it "Tami's bedtime". She's probably right. Goodnight.


Sarah said...

Haha! You are funny, Tami! Thanks for your musings.

I'm with you: always "tricked" by the cute gum/mint packaging. they sure know what they're doing, huh?

smw said...

i sure hope i get to see AND TALK to you this weekend. if we don't get a good chat in, you'd better come visit. and you can come visit even if we do. :)

you'll have to tell me when call to worship is. i really want to come out for it sometime.

not too long ago i did the laugh/cry thing. it's a rarity for me because i hardly ever cry, but i was laughing hysterically, then SOBBING, then laughing again, etc. jaret said, "what is wrong with you!!??" i really couldn't answer. partly because i didn't know; partly because i was making all the noise i was able to make at the moment. yikes!

Heidi Rink. said...

Tam, you always crack me up...and Shar, so do you!! You can tell you are related :) And yes, that does sound like your bedtime, Tam. So glad to see you are posting a little more regularly.

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Your stories from work always crack me up! You have me laughing!!

Jill said...

Sweet dreams dear Tami :-)

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