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Dear Mr. Fall

I'm a bit crazy for fall...the season that is, not the action that is so often mine as I tend to buy cheap shoes with very little traction.

If fall were a person, I'd date him. He'd be laid back and cozy. He'd smell good and remind me of all my favorite holidays. Yeah, if he asked, I'd say yes.

Fall's got a way with me, I'm not gonna lie. I'm convinced that fall makes me a better woman...or at least I imagine that I am. It makes me want to bake things that include words like, a pinch of this or a sprig of that. I start burning candles that smell like cinnamon and buying canned peaches. I have an urge to store things up for the winter...what it is, I don't even care, as long as I can store it. I want to crossstich and walk through pastures. I want to wear long dresses and my hair in really loose buns...okay, I want to be Anne.

I want to sit around a fire with fall, smile about nothing, and dream about everything. It makes me want to pull hot taffy, wear knee socks, and read a good book.

Dear Mr. Fall, we're like peas and carrots, you and me. I'm always excited to have you come and always sad to see you go. But that's what makes fall so great, he knows just how long to stay to keep me wishing for more!

Fall made me buy it. Winter will make me eat it. :)


leah said...

man, oh man, after that description, you better watch your back! i might just have to snag him from you for a date of canned peaches & taffy :)

hilarious. i love love love love mr. fall.

Rebekah said...

this is one of your best tam...i loved it!

Whitney and Isaac said...

Tami i love you! I wish you could write a book and I could read these all day.

Anonymous said...

I second that, Whitney! You're a great writer, Tami - actually you're a multi-talented lady, and you do them all very well!

Love you,
Aunt Pam

Tami said...

Oh Leah, we'll have to open up those peaches hear...and probably take time to toast fall! :)

Bek, thanks lady!!! I'm glad you're always such a fan!

Whit, you're so funny! I'm guessing it wouldn't be on any best seller lists! I've always said, I think I could write a good bathroom reader!! :)

Aunt Pam, I feel like you just described yourself...thanks!!!

Jill said...

I am with you Tam. I looove Fall and actually winter too as long as it stops by March :-)

Three cheers for tights and leggings too! I love them so much more than my bare legs!

Tami said...

I love winter too!!! And yes, I believe tights and leggins were one of God's gifts to the midwestern woman!!! :)

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