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Jeff and Whitney - Wedding

There were pearls...lots of them...and it's my thought that you simply can't go wrong with pearls!!! Getting to take pictures of this wedding was like eating light, fluffy, sweet dessert...I savored it. Whitney has impeccable style and you could see her talent in design come through in the details of this day!!

Jeff and Whitney, it was an honor to be a part of your day!!! You were beyond kind and accommodating to me, and I've loved working with you and your images as each one reminds me of your gorgeous day!!!







Not everyone gets to have the gift that I have in having amazing 2nd photographers that come with me, my sisters Rebekah and Heidi. Rebekah was the one shooting with me this day, and I wasn't feeling well and was under doctor's orders to lay low...so my dear sister shot most of the detailed pictures I have posted here. She also shot this picture below of the "first look"...I adore her style and have learned everything I know about detail shooting from her. Thanks Bek...these picture speak of your talent and I think they just sing!!!



Kara P. said...

Beautiful! And I LOVE all the pearls! The first look photo and the last one of the bride are my favorites. Great job!

smw said...

great pics again, girls!!

Tami said...

Thanks for the comments! Kara, I agree, just love the pearls, and I love how that first look turned out!
Shar, thanks for always taking the time to read my blog and leaving a comment! :)

Rebekah said...

Tami, it was so fun to shoot this weddin with you. I'm glad you were able to get through the day despite your dr.'s concerns!

I think your editting made my pics look good! It's fun to me that our styles are so similar...it makes it easy that way!

as always, you did a fantastic job!

Love ya,

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