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Check out these bad boys!

I opened up my armoire today, where I keep my photography equipment, when something about the way my lenses were lined up made me laugh.  I no longer have co-workers, so small things amuse me....Anyway, they just looked like they thought they were all that and a cup of joe.  I've gotta admit, they work hard to make people look good, so I just had to give some props to the boys today.  My 50mm/1.2 is taking the shot so he's missing from the line-up.

So, while I'm on the topic of camera equipment, the one thing I've learned from becoming a photographer is that there's this ongoing feud in the photography world over which is a better brand, Nikon or Canon.  

I go to these conferences and people are like,
"Uh, yeah, so what do you shoot with?
...Nikon or CANON?!?!"  
I cringe as I whisper, 
That's when I feel like they get all gangsta on me and say things like, 
"Whaaaat?!?! You a Nikon giiiirrrl?!?  
I thought I liked-chu befo you said that trash!!! 
What made you choose Nikon over Canon?!" 

They may as well shove me with their chest and throw their gloves in my face...okay, so I may be exaggerating a bit...but that's what it sounds like to me. :)  

I was in a session when the speaker mentioned something about Nikon having better flashes.  I thought there was going to be a riot.  There was booing and cheering alike.  That's when I realized that photography may be the "in" thing right now, but the truth be told...we're all just nerds with nice cameras.


Amber said...

If there was a "like" button for blog posts, I'd totally be clicking it right now. : )

Jenna said...

This cracks me up. First of all, because most of the people I know shoot Nikon. I'm more of an oddball with my canon getup. Second of all, GIRL you have a LOT OF GEAR!! :) I'm still using two lonely lenses and am yet to own a prime. next year, I keep telling myself. The truth is, I would rather go on vacations then buy lenses. :D I really want a prime though. Maybe a 35 or something sweet like that. I wouldn't show that collection to too many people or you might have a robbery (probably by me, if I didn't shoot canon).

Carmen said...

I didn't know that Nikon made a 50 1.2?! Which 50 1.2 are you using?

That is an ARSENAL of lenses, my dear! No wonder you shoot straight! :) lol

By the way, I wanted to let you know that you've been on my mind lately, and I think your mom's chest would puff up with pride if she could see the huge step you're taking right now. We're all proud of you for going out on your own and doing what you have a passion - and TALENT - for!

Love you,

Erin said...

With Nice CANON Cameras:) I just upgraded to a D50 and LOVE IT!

leah said...

do these bad boys have names?

if so, i'm sure they'd be kindred spirits with jack, big ben and winston. :)

Tami said...

First off, Erin, nice upgrade!!! That's a great camera...i hear. :)

Jenna...I may have a lot of lenses, but all but three were given to me! And, except for a rare occasion, I'm the opposite from you and only shoot with prime lenses! I need to get used to using zoom as they would be really convenient at times! I'm with ya...vacations vs. lenses...I'd probably opt for the vacay as well! Especially if I had two little boys and a working husband. Yep, quality time. I'm shocked to hear that you're in the minority with Canon! I've only met one other person at a conference or workshop that shoots with Nikon! Crazy!

Carmen, yes, Nikon makes a 1.2 but only with manual focus. It's actually an old model with new packaging. I love the lens but rarely use it in a shoot because I don't trust my eye enough! I play around with it but that's about it. I'm going to try it out with a wedding I have in a couple weeks, but only if the shoot is flowing well and I have some extra time. Also, thanks for the comment about my Mom...I think she'd be proud. I always hate putting words in her mouth, so I'm not sure, but yeah, she'd probably be excited.

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