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Lying Down Game!

 It's time for another game!!!  

It's called... 

This is something that is being done around the country of people taking pictures laying down in random places...

Remember this picture?

I've actually done this myself!...When I did this, I went to Meijers and layed on their conveyer belt in a checkout line! I wish I still had the picture, but I must have deleted it. :( 

How to lay:Please be aware that the palms of your hands must be flat against your side and the tips of your toes pointing at the ground. Just as if you were standing, but vertically challenged. FACE DOWN!

* The originators of the Lying Down Game cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or criminal proceedings resulting from participating in the Game. Participants take part at their own risk!

How to play:

1.  You must submit a photo of you in a laying down position to tami@tamipaigephotography.com.  You can have as many people in the picture as you want, but there must be someone at least the age of 16 or older in the picture (kids doing it could be cute, but it's not embarrassing for them, and that's what makes this so funny!)

2.  You do not need to do this in a public place, although, there may be extra points awarded to those who do...just saying. :)

3. You must have your submissions to me by March 12th at midnight.

4. There will be one winner drawn at random, and one winner that I and a panel of judges will select based on these criteria:
  • Most creative/original
  • Followed the guidelines of the laying down position
  • If it's in a public place, even better, but not a guaranteed win. :)

So, what's the prize you ask?!

Um, to say that I'm excited about the prize would be an understatement as I've been planning this prize for about a month now!!!

The winner will receive a set of these note cards:

And you can't get these anywhere as these are Tami Paige Photography originals! :)  There will be one prize given to each of the winning submission!

Alright, ready, set, get to it folks!!! 

Here are some images for inspiration:


Klint & Sarah said...

I am dying laughing!!! Oh my goodness, this is HILARIOUS!!

Crack me up.

Hmmm, I'm going to think about this. Sounds really embarrassing!

BTW, LOVE the notecards.

Kara A P said...

So funny!! I was going to check back for the submissions just for the laughs but then I saw the notecards! SO GREAT! Now I might have to do this myself! :)

Sandra said...

hahahaha...now its time to start thinking:). This could be fun!! (AND embarrassing!!)

LOVE LOVE the note cards!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious - looks fun!
Can't wait to see the submissions:)

How did you do those note cards? Did you take pictures of each of those chairs - they really are so cool!

heidi said...

So funny! I was wondering why everyone was laying down so funny in the picture with all you photographers. The cards are so cute. I might have to figure something out.

leah said...

i am DETERMINED to win...hopefully i am one of those panel judges so i can pick my own b/c i want those crazy note cards....i NEED those note cards.


emilykate said...

Oh my, this is so fun! I'll have to be thinking...

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