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Doing it my way...- Q&A

This past weekend, I shot a wedding, and I thought this would be a great time to answer a question I got a couple weeks ago...  

"When photographing a wedding, what do you wear?

How do you dress up but still have clothing that you can move and bend in, without worry.

Dressy, comfortable shoes are also included in the question."

This is a great question!  There's definitely no right or wrong answer to this, as I know each photographer and business does this differently, so I'll just answer this how I've decided best fits my brand, shooting style, and clientele...
When shooting a wedding, I wear dark colors (usually black or navy)...I do this for several reasons.  The 1st is that while shooting the ceremony pictures, I am often up front, walking around, so I've found that wearing dark colors helps me be a little more discreet so to keep the attention on the bride and groom.  I also wear black a lot, because it's almost the unofficial uniform of a photographer...and if it can give my bride and groom a little more confidence in me on first impression and helps them relax a little more, I'll put on my "uniform" any weekend!  Finally, I wear it because it fits my brand for Tami Paige Photography more than bright, colorful outfits.  Now, I know that some photographers wear bright colors when they shoot, and I think that's so fun too! Especially if it fits their branding, that helps to emphasize that you're there to deliver to the client what their expectations of you are.
Of course, pants are the easiest to work in as far as modesty goes...as photographers, we're laying on the ground, squating, climbing, and bending...however, I think it's fun to wear dresses and skirts as well, and  for some of my weddings, it's what's appropriate.  I find that wearing a dress/skirt doesn't hinder my shooting style whatsoever...I've "practiced" in front of a mirror of ways I know to move so as to be "safe"! :)  I also make sure that I wear a top that is high enough that when I'm bending over, I'm not getting a shocked expression from my subjects!

Shoes...oh shoes.  My first wedding, I wore heels...uncomfortable ones at that...because it "looked good"!   I was shooting with my sister who had been a wedding photographer, and she taught me that it's important not to sit down on the job until dinner time (I've found that people don't like looking at pictures of themselves eating!).  Let me just say, it was the most miserable experience because I thought my feet were going to revolt and kill me for putting them through such pain!  So, when it comes to shoes, comfort is number one! I wear flats and have worn GAP's city flats a lot...however, they don't always look as good as heels do, so often, what I'll do is put on heels when I first see my couple and then during the wedding so I look formal, and then change shoes for the reception!

When it comes to engagement shoots, I definitely wear color!! Often, I'll try to wear a lighter top to help bounce light instead of soaking it up...I'd also never wear gold, orange, or fall colors as I don't want it to reflect a distasteful color onto my subject.  Those aren't hard and fast rules, but ones that I generally follow for an engagement shoot!  However, sometimes my laundry isn't done, or I'm having a fat day and just want to wear good ol' black! You ladies know what I'm talking about! :)

Finally, a big thanks to Leslie who assisted me this weekend! She literally RAN around for me, carried a lot of my gear, posed so I could get lighting, second shot through a lot of the day, and shot the above pictures for me! You did an amazing job!!! Thanks, Liesel Diesel! 


leisle deisle said...

aww!! what fun! i'll assist you anytime, tamtam!

ok, so get this... after saturday my jeans are tighter than ever! now how does that happen? an all day exercise session and this is what i get... no fat burn. just a little extra muscle underneath the fat to, you know, push it out a little. yarrrggghhh! (why yes. i do turn into a pirate when i'm frustrated about my weight)

(my apologies for the somewhat graphic information above. i'm sure you ALL wanted to know that)

jessica leman said...

Leslie, I totally know what you mean! I have that issue sometimes too...very annoying!
And can I just say...what a fun friendship you two have. I can imagine its fun shooting with a friend by your side...especially one who will do all your dirty work :)

Love your Q&A sessions Tami :)

Kait H. said...

this was a post right up my alley! i loved it! and love you! :)

Rebekah said...

good job answering the question Tam!!

vballsetter said...

Thanks Tami!!! Awesome insights.

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