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Just like the sound of thunder

We used to go to a family camp in Indiana where we'd sing a song that said, 
"Just like the sound of thunder.  Quick like a summer rain. Swift like a bolt of lightening...thank God a miracle came"
...after each verse, someone would get up a share a miracle story.

Well, I have a miracle story...

My dear little car, Dezzie, sprung an oil leak about 3 months ago.  I happened to mention this to my cousin's fiance, Brian, one Sunday afternoon.  He asked if he could take a look at it, only to find that my dip stick wasn't even registering any oil.  Long story short, we took it to an auto mechanic who gave me an estimate of $2000 just for labor to get to the leak since it was behind the timing cover and they were going to have to take the engine apart.  He suggested I try to get Toyota to extend the warranty on my vehicle as it's not that old...I tried with no success.

After stewing over it for a few days, I gave John at Clay Dooley's the okay to fix the car.  I began praying that they would be able to get to the leak quicker than expected.  I had my sister, Rebekah, praying for it with me!  A couple mornings later, as I was literally praying about it, I got a call from John who told me that they were surprised to find that it wasn't nearly as extensive as they had thought and with parts, my car was fixed for just over $500!!!

I have little Dezzie back, she's running perfectly, and all I can say is, "Thank God a miracle came!" *I also have to give a plug for Clay Dooley...they were awesome!


vballsetter said...

PTL! Thanks for sharing such an encouraging story.

smw said...

that's awesome. :)

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