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Marcus and Lindsay {Wedding} - Sneak Peek

It was raining.  I remember sitting in the back seat of the car watching a raindrop roll down the window following it with my pointer finger when I asked Lindsay, "So, is there a guy in your life I should know about?".......She paused a second too long when she said, "Well...actually...there is."  

Linds has been one of those friends...the ones where you answer honestly when they ask "How are you?"  She's the kind of friend that you trust with your secrets and she makes the cliche "loves you no matter what" true.  Finding a friend like her is rare...like finding a pearl.

My friend and I took a roadtrip to Minnesota.  I remember it was snowing.  I was sitting in the back seat of the car when I told Marcus, "I'm glad you're in our life, Marcus and I think you're great." 

Marcus is one of those friends...the ones where he stands for what he believes in and pushes those around them to do the same.  He asks questions and challenges people to think for themselves.  I like people like that.   

PhotobucketThe wedding was absolute class...

The bursts of color throughout the day reminded me so much of Lindsay.

You've got to respect a girl that knows how to pick out a pair of shoes!Photobucket

The flowers...can I say B-E-A-utiful?!

I loved watching them together...

I can't make up moments like this.

So, usually at the end of a wedding, there's always a few images that stick in my mind and I'm anxious to look at them to see how they turned out.  This was the shot in my head...and it didn't disappoint.  Marcus (aka TRUSERVA) is a Christian hip-hop artist, so let me tell you...he knows how to bring it!!  
"Teach me how to Dougie!"
PhotobucketMarcus & Lindsay...
What can I say?  I love you both.  Thanks for letting me share in your day and for sharing life with me.  I was touched by your day and thought that it was such a neat reflection of your relationship.  Can't wait to make more memories with you!


M. said...

Amazing images as always!

arlan and katie said...

I've been pinning to see what you came up with on Lind's big day...WOW Tams...great work! You do such creative work EVERY TIME & so different EVERY TIME...having been at this wedding, you captured it's very essence! KUDOS my friend :)

Susan said...

These pictures are incredible. And tell such a sweet story.

We are very close friends of Marcus.

So glad I sawa this post on FB.

Love your work!!

leah said...

as always tami--these are great!

Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

That was a beautiful post!

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