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Josh and Rachel {Wedding}

It was another chapter in the lives of these high school sweethearts.  It was evident throughout the day that they were not only very much in love but very much in like...something very genuine.  There was a comfort level that they shared with each other that spoke of having walked many life experiences together.

I always love "The First Look"...There's so much said in that moment...

Rachel, the beautiful bride.

This was the reaction I'd get from Josh when I'd say, "Okay, now don't smile"...It was perfect.

You can tell that this group has had a lot of crazy times together!
The first kiss...


Congratulations, Josh and Rachel. 
It was a beautiful day!


leah said...

as always, great job tam!

love that white furniture!

Jaret said...

great as always. the pictures have such a sweet quality to them.

smw said...

that was me, shar.

heidi said...

awesome job tam! I especially love the one of the guys jumping. so fun.

Tara said...

Love the jumping one! Maybe we can have the guys jump off the pier for ours! haha It's getting me excited for mine! Can't wait!

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