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Kait Kulture

She's been featured as one of the artists for my Artist of the Month, Kait.  Kait is my cousin who has also become one of my very best friends...I just LOVE this girl.  Everyone should have a Kait in their life.  She's such a fun, vivacious spirit, and is one of the most sincere people I know.

Kait is a fashion blogger, and I love it when I get to shoot for her blog, because it's such a fun creative outlet!  I just got to do a little outfit shoot for her, and used these images as a good excuse to blog about her 'cause I just wanted to say once again, how much I love her and am going to miss her soooooo much when she moves. 

Check out her blog at: kaithuber.blogspot.com


leah said...

kait, you are so cute! :) i like checking out your blog every once in awhile...especially your thursday latelies. :) very creative!

and tami--as always, you are great!

heidi said...

Love these pics of you Kait!!! Too cute. Tam, great job.

Whitney and Isaac said...

little kaits. The one person i know that can actually pull off a pleated skirt.

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