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One and only picture. One and only Leah.

We've been roommates for 2 years now...if it was my choice, we'd make it 3...then 4...then...well you get my point.  I'm in California, but my mind is back home as I know it's Leah's last day in the "Cave" and she'll be moving back home tonight.
I'm extremely sentimental, but Leah's not, so I'm not going to go on and on about how she was the best roommate ever...how when she moved in, there was 0 adjustment because she's just that easy to live with...how she has encouraged me every step of the way these past two years...how I know she's always got my back...how I want to be like her...and how her heart, her absolute sincere heart is the rarest and most priceless kind. I won't go on and on about how she's absolutely beautiful but she's the last one to ever know it...how she's got a million dollar smile and has the wittiest sense of humor...how she has given me confidence and has pushed me in my life by her words but even more by her example.  I'm not going to embarrass her by telling her that out of all the change in my life this year, her moving away has been the one that I've cried about...that the thought of her leaving makes my heart ache, and how I began missing her the moment she got engaged.
Yeah, I won't say all those things...but I will say this to you Leah.  There's only one you...I've loved a lot of friends in my lifetime, but there's only one Leah and you will never be replaced.  I've loved every single minute of our friendship and hope you know, that I love you with all of my heart and always will.


Klint & Sarah said...

Okay I'm about crying. That was super sweet, Tami!

By the way, she IS sentimental about leaving. I asked her the other day if you guys said your official "goodbyes" to each other before you left for Cali. She said, "no, I couldn't do it" She has LOVED, LOVED, LOVED living with you!

Thanks for such a sweet tribute!

(LOVE your dress in that pic!!)

emilykate said...

Well my comment would be very similar to Sarah's...wow almost brought tears to my eyes because everything you said about her is SO true! And trust me, one of the main things I've heard from her lately is how much she loves you, loved living with you, and is going to miss you!

Great post!

leah said...

oh come on! i was doing so good....i haven't cried since tuesday--and now this?! haha.

oh man, tam, you have been one of my greatest joys these past two years. complete DELIGHT to live with. who knew that living w/ someone i knew only by association would have been SO easy?! you've been there through some really rough times when i NEEDED a listening ear and someone to talk through things with. i felt like i was talking about myself all the time b/c you a person who is always asking questions and caring about other people. thanks for always being a great sounding board.

and sarah's right. i totally did not say goodbye on monday morning. it felt too official. too final. which is why i gave you a 'see you later!' as i walked out the door....b/c i KNOW i will. :)

love you so much girl...and it's true. i am & always will be your biggest fan!

Anonymous said...

love this. and i love that pic! two people that i love so much - you girls are gorgeous.


Amber said...

a gorgeous picture of two gorgeous women. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tami, What a sweet post. We will all miss our dear Leah. She stopped here this morning to say good-bye. We wouldn't allow any tears. After all this is what I want for her. But after reading your post the tears are flowing.

Thanks for being such a dear friend to her. You both are so very special.

Have a great time in California.

Love you,

heidi said...

Such a sweet post! Love you both!

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