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Steph {Chic Experience}

She took a chance on me.  There are a lot of other photographers who do senior sessions a lot, and she knew I didn't, but she still took a chance with me...and that meant a lot to me.  Getting to do Steph's senior session was so much fun as we drove around town.  

Steph...you're a sweetheart!  Thanks for letting me do this shoot...you're such a special girl and friend!

She's so cute...from every angle!

 Yep...I know I'm lucky...to get to shoot someone with eyes like that...yep.


Daveana said...

Tami! Wow! What a gorgeous subject! The photos look so fun! You do a great job with senior sessions! You should do more! :)

Have a wonderful day!

arlan and katie said...

Steph...what a lovely young lady you've turned into my dear! A senior already...I feel like we just spent a week together at Jr. High Girls camp last year :)...okay, enough Mom talk! Great outfit choices & such a pretty smile!

Tams-GREAT job capturing her essence...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics of her in the light blue chair-my fav!

Kt M.

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful...inside and outside.
It was fun getting to know you better at clothes packing the other night, Steph.
Great pictures Tami.

Rebekah said...

They look so good Tam, and Steph!

Whitney and Isaac said...

Those are so beautiful. I wish you were around for my senior pictures... then i wouldn't be haunted by my 'prayer' picture years later- yep he made me cross my hands like i was praying.

emilykate said...


leah said...

loved seeing the rest of these! b-e-a-utiful!

Jami said...

WOW! Steph! You are truly a beauty!! Great job Tam!

smw said...

lovely and gorgeous. the photos and the girl.

heidi said...

Absolutely spectacular! Love you both!!!

Kait H. said...

whitneys comment made me laugh soo hard!

tam these are soo so beautiful!

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