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Playing Catch-up...

I'm playing a bit of catch-up!

Day 20: Bokeh (Photography term for "Blur")

Here's a peek of my desk and what sits on it!  I love these little silly chairs.
Day 21: Faceless Self Portrait
I'm a bit tired of taking pictures of myself, so I took this picture of some of my favorite little men...two of my nephews.  These two have the sweetest relationship...one that every sibling needs.
Day 22: Hands
I've wanted to blog on this for about a year.  Last year, for Christmas, my sister was knitting a lot of her Christmas gifts, so when she asked what I wanted, I told her that I wanted arm-warmers but I wanted my fingers free so that I could wear them when I shoot weddings.  That's when she made these amazing arm-warmers for me out of the left over yarn she had left from her other projects.  It is one of the best gifts I've ever gotten...I LOVE them so much.  

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heidi said...

Love catch up day!!!

And for all those reading, I would love to take credit for making the amazing warmers, but Rebekah is the crafty one out of the three of us. My hands and Will just participated as models.

leah said...

wahoo! :) love it. and i LOVE those warmers...

and i love the fact that i get to see you. tomorrow. oh happy day.

Anonymous said...

Love the cute little chairs...where did you find those gems?
Fun post!

Tami said...

I found them on ebay, and yes, I bought them individually...'cause I'm efficient like that. :/

heidi said...

I miss seeing posts on your blog!!!

emilykate said...

I am seconding Heidi's comment!

Miranda said...

Tami- I miss you! :_ _ _ (

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