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For those of you who don't remember, "High-Low" is a game we used to play on the car ride home from weekend trips we'd take when I was in college.  We'd have to say what the high points and the low points of the weekend were...So, I thought it was time for another addition of my Weekend High-Low:

- Lady Antebellum
   A group of us went to see the group, Lady Antebellum last night.  I was a bit indifferent going into the concert since I only knew a couple of their songs.  As I sit here, I'm listening to their album Own the Night that I immediately purchased on iTunes as soon as I got home.  I'll admit, I'm an iTunes junkie, and now, Lady Antebellum, apparently. :)

- Chip'ins
   I've decided that whoever invented these and I would be good friends...if there are two foods I love, it's popcorn and tortilla chips.  Chip'ins is the perfect combination...I'm going to Rachel Ray it and say that they are De-Lish!

- Movie Night with J&H
  On Saturday night, my sister, brother-in-law, their kiddos and I watched BBC's Pride and Prejudice.  Yep, the whole thing.  Mr. Wickham was just as much of a scoundrel, Mrs. Bennet still a hot-mess, Lizzy still my favorite, and Mr. Darcy...well, being all that he is in all his rude-wonderfulness. :)  Sushi, J&H, and Jane Austin...can't quite beat that.


- Car Repairs...ugh, even just typing that annoys me.
   I didn't think I could dislike paying for car repairs any more than I already do.  Not true.  Getting an estimate and deciding to go somewhere else, and having the guy who gave me the estimate chew me out while I'm picking up my car and tell me that apparently I don't know what I'm doing and he'll "see me back here when I realize what I've done"...definitely trumps my dislike for the paying for it part.

- Christmas Decorations in January
   I'm speaking of my own.  My Christmas mantel that brought me so much joy in December, mocks me in January.

- Cell phone pictures
   Somehow, I find that pictures taken of me with cell phones always make me look like Michael Jackson in his last days.  Not really the look I was going for.  But, I love this girl I'm with in this pictures, so that's a redeeming quality! :)  This picture is compliments of her...thanks, Tara for the borrow.

P.S.  Just wanted to say a deep and heartfelt thanks for all the comments left on the "Permission to Speak" post from last week.  Sincerely, each comment just meant THE WORLD to me...thanks so much for those!!


leah said...

sounds like a rollar coaster of weekends!

three cheers for p&p (we just watched it...that's right 'WE')nand BOO HOO for car repairs. i know the feeling all too well!

Daveana said...

Love the Jackson comment! Your movie night sounds just like my kind of evening!

heidi said...

Movie night with you is a highlight of my life.

smw said...

Your movie night sounds divine. I like the thought that cell phone photos ate because of the cell phone. :)

Tami said...

touche, Shar...touche!

Tara said...

Well I love this pic of you! I think you look gorgeous and the Lady Antebellum concert was the highlight of my week too!

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