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Just 'Cause

Drumroll Please...
ddddlllllllddddllllllllddddddlllllllldddldldldllldldl...hmm.  How do you type out a drum roll?! Well, this is suddenly very anti-climactic.  But stick with me here 'cause I've got a really exciting announcement!!

"I wish I had a nice picture of me and my husband.  We haven't had our picture taken since our wedding...40 years ago!", 
"I wish I could get married again just to have an excuse to have a good picture taken", 
"Do you do session other than weddings?"
...it's comments like these that I heard all last year that has led me to introducing a new session called,

Just 'Cause

I LOVE shooting couples who have been together for a while, no matter what their age, style, or reason...just 'cause.  So with that, I am now offering "Just 'Cause" sessions.  They will be a 30 min., one outfit, one location session and will include 1 - 8x10 print and 2 - 4x6 prints for $150.

However, I love a good special, so in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm running a limited edition so if you book a Just 'Cause session from now until the end of February, it will be $100.  Your session will still include the prints mentioned.

So, stop worrying about your special gesture or gift you're looking for to give your spouse...you can give them something timeless that will last longer than roses and chocolates! ...How's that for my cheesy sales pitch?!

No, in all seriousness, a photography session is a great gift idea for your parents, significant other, or children and their mates...and 30 minutes shouldn't be intimidating for anyone...even those husbands who hate getting their picture taken.  No worries...I've met them, and we'll have fun! :)

Just some details...

I just want to be clear, this is not a family shoot...this is a two person shoot!  Your session does not need to be shot by the end of February but booked and payment received, if you'd like the Valentine's Special.  If I'm traveling more than 60 miles from Bloomington, IL, there will be an additional traveling fee.

The spaces are limited, and will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session, you can email me at tami@tamipaigephotography.com


leah said...

oh man, so fun. :) can't wait to see some of these! i totally want my parents to do this!!

smw said...

great addition!! :)

Mindy said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Tami, you did such an amazing job when you took our pictures! I get compliments on them all the time! Such a great idea to make this a regular thing!!

Tami said...

I'm excited too! I've been wanting to do these sessions for a while...I would always try to find a way to work them into family shoots. ;) And Mindy, you just know how to smize, and work it!!

leisle deisle said...

super duper cool, tam! this is seriously awesome.

Aubrey said...

Any time limit on getting them fulfilled? We live in Chicago but have family in Peoria - would probably do them down there but maybe not until late spring/early summer when the weather's nice. If not, that's fine! Thanks!! Love your work!

Tami said...

Aubrey, it's been exciting with all the response I've gotten, but definitely have your family shoot me an email! We can schedule their shoot whenever they want it scheduled!

Mindy said...

Aww, Tam, with flattery like that I just may have to convince Michael to do another session!! 1.5 years until our 10 year - I would LOVE to do another session then! Please keep this addition until then please!!! :) OR if you decide you want to shoot our crazy family again when our daughter comes home...just let me know! ;)

Kristy said...

Love this idea- Ben & I will have to do this sometime! Super fun!

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