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Day 28: Flowers

...or as I decided to go with FLOURS.

Ahhhhh!!  There are few smells I like more than freshly baked bread!! My sister bakes the majority of her own bread, and it is soooooo yumalicious.  Yep...I gave it a celebrity mash-up name because it's just that good. :)

It's so funny, most of us are looking at this thinking how we'd love to have homemade bread...but her little guy has been known to ask her if they can buy the "bread in the bag at the grocery store" as a treat! Haha...that's alright, just pass those loaves over to me!


leah said...

YUM!!! that looks amazing!

hope you had a good night last night!

Miranda said...

Oh Yum! I went to a breadmaking class this past tuesday and now I'm soooo excited to try all this new stuff! I'm making homemade pizza crust tonight! :) I'll probably post some pics. enjoymphoto.wordpress.com

heidi said...


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