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Mike + Kenzie {Wedding}

There are certain words that come to my mind when I think back to different weddings I've shot.  When I think of Mike and Kenzie's, the resounding word is family.  I was struck by how lucky these two were...it was obvious to me that they had a support system surrounding them that is often hard to find.  I watched...and I listened.  And I knew that these families were special...whether they were related to them or not, everyone there just seemed to be a huge family.  ...and it made me feel confident in Mike and Kenzie, and the family they were starting.

 I loved the classy yet chic feel of her bridesmaid dresses!
They were just a really beautiful group of girls...I didn't have to work to make them look good. :)
And the guys weren't too bad themselves...just a really fun group!

Need I say...beautiful? Yep, even you Mike!...in the manliest sort of way of course. :)

I LOVED this father-daughter-dance...there was just something so incredibly sweet about this moment.

Let me tell you what...I've never seen a Grandma that could move like this one!!! It was awesome!!

Much love to you, Mike and Kenzie!!!


leisle deisle said...

that cake is super stinkin' cool. and i LOVE the "just married" picture of the back window of the car.

heidi said...

Love this shoot! It looks so fresh and pretty! Great job again.

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