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Song of my soul

Conversation I had with my friend Annie:

What music do you like?
Right now, I'm LOVING Mat Kearney
What kind of music does he sing?
Oh. my. word, Annie...if my SOUL was capable of writing music, it would sound just like his music!!!
(Confused laughter)...I meant what genre does he sing?


I've been known to be a bit dramatic at times.

Happy Weekend!!


Emilia Jane said...

Happy Friday!!!! And what a fun picture :-)

heidi said...

LOVE this! Such a fun picture!!

leah said...

loving this!!! how fun! :)

The McBs said...

hilarious... the conversation AND the picture.

love it.

leisle deisle said...

haha! oops! that was me.

Daveana said...

Love this photo! So fun!!!

Silke said...

Love this blog post!
Happy Weekend!

Annie said...

Oh Tam this made me laugh! Are you sure you said "Oh my word!" only once?:) This pic is so unique! You have such a gift for making sessions fun and memorable!

Tami said...

Oh my word, Annie. Are you serious? Haha!!! Jk!!!!...wow, I've got to come up with a new exclamatory phrase...and one that's not so 1990's. ;)

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