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Here's the Naked truth...

I did it...I juiced for 5 days! But before I start giving myself medals, remember...I only juiced 2 meals a day.  I didn't restrict what I could eat for the 3rd meal...it usually ended up being something quick, like a sandwich, salad, or grits. :)...that's right. I kind of love grits.  With that said, it was MUCH easier than I expected it to be!  

So, how did I feel after 5 days and did I think it made a difference?
...those ARE the questions you were going to ask, right? Not, did it taste disgusting? Or, did you wish you'd never started this? :)

The reason I chose to try juicing in the first place was because: 

  • I wanted to see if it would give me more energy
  • I wanted to see how my stomach would feel (I can have something of a sensitive stomach and have looked for ways to help that).
  • And of course, I wanted to see if I would drop a couple lbs. along the way. 
I didn't notice a difference in my energy level.  However, I noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference for my stomach...it was really quite wonderful! Sadly, I didn't drop any poundage...probably due to my third meal. :) Blast those grits.

So, now what?...you may ask.  Well, the reason I decided not to juice all three meals is because what I was really testing was to see if this could be a lifestyle change...not just for 5 days.  The answer I found? Yes, I think it can!  The most inconvenient part I found in this was washing my juicer after every meal...but that's easily dealt with.  But, on those days that I just don't want to go through the process, there's a great (and yummy!) juice called Naked Juice.  It's made from all natural fruits and vegetables with no preservatives or sugar added...but trust me, I would NOT be drinking it if it didn't taste good as well...which it does!

Well, there's my quick review of my juicing experience, and since I commit in small increments, I'm going to continue this until Ireland (with a few modifications)...and then see from there!  But I'll be honest, I have really LOVED juicing!! 

"May you be half an hour in Heaven before the Devil knows you're dead." - Irish Blessing 


leisle deisle said...

haha! love the irish blessing! :)

Emilia Jane said...

YUM! What a fun experiment :-) And I'm SO GLAD it was good for your stomach. I've had digestive issues my whole life and survive because of probiotics. Maybe I should give juicing a try :-)

leah said...

haha, love the update on this...oh man, and i agree--i've had those naked jucied drinks and they are delightful!

Whitney and Isaac said...

ooooo i LOVE green machine!!! It's one of my favorite juices ever!

Life with Kaishon said...

I think I want to try it : )
I love that naked juice like crazy!

Amanda Miller said...

I have celiac disease and I have done a couple juicing stints now...I have to say, my stomach is SO much happier when I am! The only issue is I can't seem to give up the coffee, which isn't great for your tummy!

emilykate said...

Sounds fun! Too bad I enjoy food so much. :)

heidi said...

Makes me want to get some! And I LOVE that blessing! Funny.

Bethie said...

yay for feeling better! and so proud you stuck with it! .... and BTW, this reminds me of the day you came to visit in Sept --- I told you I had a juice for you before you met Mary for the wedding, and then we forgot to give it to you.... I think it was Green Machine! After I discovered it still in the car, I pouted for a minute, and then popped the topped off and was AH-mazed! at how good it was!

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