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Ohhhhhh Florida

I don't usually take my camera on vacation...but I took it along and pulled it out a couple of the days.  I know...I'm being the annoying aunt by showing pictures of my nieces and nephews...but there you have it.  It's a combination of them being willing subjects and my sisters and I not.

The first day was a little cloudy, but we still made it to the pool...
Gotta love awesome swim hair! 
 I love this little man. 

Seriously...he doesn't even know how cool he is. 

 Best friends.
   If I ever wondered where G was, I'd just look over at the waterfall, where I'd find him! Apparently waterfalls feel good.
Sportin' some major diaper on the beach.

   I know I posted this yesterday, but it just makes me so happy, I had to post it again.

Florida...as always, you treated us well.  We miss you already!


leah said...

oh man, this makes me miss florida too! looks like such a fun time! that first one of gar-bear made me giggle--what a cutie!

emilykate said...

Looks awesome! But it would have been fun to see something of you. :)

heidi said...

What fun pictures of the kids!! Too bad we three are such bad sports for the camera! :)

Rebekah said...

Tami, I don't even know why I take my camera out when you have yours there...these pictures are so great!! I love all of them! you captured the week well...only thing you left out (thankfully) is the major pigging out that went on once the kids were in bed! haha!

smw said...

these pictures are so great. it looks like so much fun.

Daveana said...

I'm sure glad you took your camera! Love the pictures. So cute and precious! Super love the 4th picture!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, so much for the great pics from Florida!
You are so right Gare Bear has no idea how cool he is.

Grandma K

Christy said...

AHHH! The pic of the little one in goggles with floaties on his arms?!?! ADORABLE! I couldn't stop smiling!! haha :)

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