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And the Girliness Continues

...it's Part II of Makeup + Skincare...so men, be warned!


Bethie said...

I love your candid opinion and think you are right, 100% Tami. Why wear makeup if you don't like it?? BTW, I've never had my eyebrows done once.... *blush* but I'll say, once I stopped fussing and agonizing over them so much and just worked with what God gave me, I was so much happier!! BTW... your brows are great... the color/thickness is in perfect balance with the rest of your God-given-gorgeous features!

emilykate said...

I like your tips! I never really think about how what I eat affects my skin...I always attribute an outbreak to hormones/stress. Good to be aware of food as well!

Anonymous said...

Agreed on all subjects:)
I love the coca cola gummies as well.
Also, love doing make-up, it's just fun for me.
You were spot on with your advise, each of us should be true to ourselves.

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