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Chicken Teriyaki

I'm going on record by saying that this is my FAVORITE vlog I've done yet...probably because I'm not the one that did it! :)

I have been telling my sister, Rebekah, for a while now that I think she needs to start blogging meals that she makes.  Can I hear an, "Amen Sister!!" She has a very rustic, delicious, and healthy approach to cooking.  She cooks from scratch, and even makes her own bread, noodles, and butchers her own chickens...yep, you heard me right! She taught me how, but the whole time, I couldn't get an image of a little baby out of my head, so needless to say, there was a lot of squealing by me and coming-to-the-rescue by her!

So, as I'm an avid fan of her cooking, I asked her to do a tutorial on one of her meals...she let me pick from her menu she had planned for the week...and as her Onigiri tutorial has been the most viewed vlog I've done yet, I have no doubt this video will be a hit as well!

It's a little lengthy compared to my other vlogs, but I'm telling you, IT'S WORTH WATCHING because this meal is so simple and delicious!!  

Thanks, Bek!! Oh, and just in case you missed the memo on the other other post, she's pregnant.  Again, I think she looks fantastic, but I know she'd appreciate that sidenote as she doesn't feel as cute as I think she looks! :)

“May those who love us, love us; and those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts; and if He doesn't turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles so we'll know them by their limping.”
- An Irish Blessing

Oh, those Irish!! Here's to straight ankles! :)


Sarah said...

That looks DELICIOUS! ...and easy!

Rebekah said...

i wasn't expecting to see this up here so soon! glad you thought it was SO good :) ha ha.

and I Love the Irish Blessing!!

emilykate said...

So fun! Love the food ones! I think I will definitely try this recipe! Devin was watching behind me practically drooling so I think it would go over well.

Ashley Baner said...

Wow wow wow!! I can't wait to make this!! I am first in line when you make a cookbook, Rebekah!

Bethie said...

pulling out my chicken right NOW to thaw.... :)

Bethie said...

oh, and rebekah... tami's right, you look SUPER cute!

Anonymous said...

YUM!! Our foster son LOVES all things Japanese, so I think this might be on the menu next week:)Hope mine turns out so delicious looking!! lol;)
~sarah q

heidi said...

So fun! I love the ones with Bek and food! ha

leah said...

oh yum! i feel like i can almost smell it as a watch it! haha!

good job bek! i miss your cooking--it's soooo yummy!

smw said...

you girls are just so great. love you both. and i'm going to have to make that. looks delicious, easy and healthy!!! what perfection!

Amanda Miller said...

You are such a pro with your picture in picture action! Love it!

Daveana said...

You girls are so cute! It looks super good! Love the Irish blessing on the bottom. That one got me to laugh!

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