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Here's to you, New Photographers!

Happy Monday!

5 Tips for New Photographers...

“May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past” 
- An Irish Blessing


Anonymous said...

Great tips and I love how you only look at the "good." I can apply that to so many other areas in my life as well! I leave my camera all the time and think it's because I don't want to worry about it and just want to enjoy the view and my kids. I am not a photographer, but feel guilty as a mom doing this, am thankful for your comments. Forgot it on Easter and now don't feel as bad:)

Daveana said...

You look especially pretty today! Loved your tips!

rahattan2003 said...

Thanks for this post. You made me laugh at the "I used to video tape everything" comment. So true!

Daish said...

Have I said yet that I am loving this??

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