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A Little Switcharoo...Yep, That's a Word. :)

I'm not going to write much because the video is pretty self-explanatory!

Video Summary:

  • Changes being made with my videos
  • Letting go when you've been burned by others

Something I didn't mention in the video is...coming up, I'll be doing:

  • A makeup tutorial
  • Cooking a meal with my sister
  • Going on a shoot with me

As you can see, the topics are anything and everything, so if you've got suggestions...
I'm all for it! :)

Happy Good Friday!

“May God give you...
for every storm a rainbow
for every tear a smile
for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial. For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share, for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.”
- An Irish Blessling


Sarah said...

Again, totally enjoyed this!

And you've been blogging 9 years???!!!

emilykate said...

Love the real-ness.

And I'm VERY excited about makeup tips and cooking!

Love ya!

Ashley said...

Tam - I'm loving your videos! I also love the song that you have on there! Care to share the title/artist? Excited for your next post as always! :)

Tami said...

Yes! I'm glad you asked...It's "A Perfect Wedding Day" from the Soundtrack of 27 Dresses by Randy Edleman. I love it 'cause it just sounds so happy and I thought the title was very appropriate, being a wedding a photographer and all! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful inside and out.
Love the music too!

leah said...

Randy Edlemand--thats the same guy on the leap year soundtrack!! no wonder it's amazing!

loving this tami! you are doing such a great job!

Daveana said...

Great job Tami! I get on everyday and think, wonder what Tami's blogged about today! Yippee!

alisonsutter said...

Ohhhh, you bring up so many great memories from blogging in college. If I could just bottle up all those laughs. (here's looking at you Rebekah and Jon!)

Bethie said...

loved it again!! chris walked in toward the end and said, "somebody hurt tami??! i'm gonna GET them!"

Haley said...

I enjoyed this too and love the music as well! You'll get a kick of this: I think it was day 2. I had just finished watching the vlog that day on my iphone and then it was time to take Landon to school. My phone is set up so when it is in my van it plays the music off my iphone (whether that has been my itunes music or pandora or whatever). All of a sudden that music came on and I got all excited wondering where I had just heard it and where it was coming from. It is such happy music. Then your voice started talking and I totally freaked out (in a good way of course) ;) I wasn't expecting it and realized I had left your video up on my phone and now it was feeding into all the van speakers. ha-ha. I loved it!! :)
Keep the videos coming!
love ya!


Daish said...

Tam! I LOVE this! I am so excited about this Vlog challenge you are doing! I had to run upstairs and tell Stu how excited I was. I love you. I wish I could be around you more! You are one cool person.

Ashley Goodwin said...

Love love LOVE! Happy that "breaking the rules" could inspire you too...and guess what, by breaking them we CHANGED them! ;) HOLLAAAAA! I am thrilled to see you follow what you feel is your authentic self and what your blog readers (9 years worth of them, holy smokes!) would be interested in! Can't wait to see the rest! Especially the hair tutorial, you've got great hair!

Your topic today was awesome too! I feel like it happens to everyone but not everyone talks about it, so bravo girlfriend!

Renee Robison said...

You are gorgeous!!!! Love your board too. Can't wait to hear your tips.

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