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Sneak Peek: Devin + Emily {Wedding Reception}

I'm working on editing a couple projects, but I simply had to post a couple pictures from Devin and Emily's reception that I got to shoot this past weekend.  Oooooohhh, SOOO MANY thoughts I have on this event and couple, but I'll save them for later.  Until then, just know how lucky I am...I didn't take the chance to be their photographer for granted. Not. for. one. second.
Thanks, Devin and Emily for choosing me...no, really
Oh Em...you are just exquisite. Ugh!! I'm still dying!
Geesh...guys. Seriously...just look at you. Those GQ models have nothin' on you!

 It was absolute creamy loveliness!!!

Devin and Em,
Today's Irish blessing is just for you! 

May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
The rains fall soft upon the fields
May the light of friendship guide your paths together
May the laughter of children grace the halls of your home
May the joy of living for one another trip a smile from your lips, 
A twinkle from your eye. 
And when eternity beckons,
 at the end of a life heaped high with love
May the good Lord embrace you with the arms that have nurtured you 
the whole length of your joy-filled days
May the gracious God hold you both in the palm of His hands
And, today, may the Spirit of Love find a dwelling place in your hearts.
- An Irish Blessing


Emilia Jane said...

So beautiful!!!!

leah said...

looks great!

Rebekah said...


smw said...

so so good. and what a sweet blessing.

Christen Leigh said...

What a gorgeous reception and couple. Great pics! :)

Daveana said...

I can't wait to see more! :) Their gorgeous Tami!

emilykate said...

So fun! Can't wait to see more! You're the best!

Amanda Miller said...

Tami, you are killing it!!! Gosh, your work is just beautiful!

Sarah said...

Awesome pictures! Great seeing you, Tami!

The reception and evening was beautiful, Emily! A big hit for sure!

heidi said...

Tam, these are so great!!!!!

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