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Say what, Ms. Spielberg?

Me: Alright, Kevin! I want you to look at me like I just said something really stupid, but you don't want me to know that you think it's stupid!!

Kevin: ....ugh...???...(laughing) You're giving me a lot here!  I didn't know there'd be so much acting involved! :)

...yeah.  Newest item on my 'to do' list: Work on giving better descriptors!
Look at him, rocking. it. out.  JUST how I had wanted!!! Step aside, Mr. Clooney! :)
A HUGE thanks to Heidi for taking these pictures!! You were Amaze-balls...yep, I just said it. :)


smw said...

:) you're so funny.

heidi said...

That was one of the funniest descriptions I'd heard. It was fun. And anytime you need a second shooter.

Brandy said...

That was great!!! I'm super anxious to see all the pictures. I know they're going to be fabulous. :-D

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