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Diving back in time

2012.  London.  Olympics.  

They've come and gone...and after getting to watch some of the swimming, it took me back to the days when I was on swim team.  I remember begging my coach not to make me swim the IM again, and he'd say, 
"Unless the Lord Himself comes down in a bolt of lightning, 
and tells me to reconsider...you're swimming that IM, Inoue." 
I cried many tears of exhaustion during practices...but I LOVED it.  I loved swimming, and eventually, the IM (Individual Medley) became my race, thanks to my very eccentric Italian coach, Tony.  He'd swim laps with us and would wear his sunglasses the entire time...to this day, I can't picture his face since it was such a rare occasion to see him without his dark shades.  He had a mullet and would drive a scooter to and from practice...and it never dawned on my young mind that he had a life outside of coaching until I ran into him at a restaurant one time.  I remember thinking, "Wait, what are you doing in jeans and a button up shirt?!" It would have felt much more natural to see him in his swim trunks standing in Chili's than wearing street clothes. :)

In college, my friends and I would swim laps in the evenings, and it was always such a good time to think and relieve stress...ugh, that's until we were playing truth of dare one night and one of my swimming buddies was asked when the last time was that she peed in the pool and she said, "Ugh, the last time I swam!"  To which I reacted in horror as I remembered I was behind her during the entire time!!!  To this day, I kinda hate swimming behind lap swimmers.  

After graduating, I got a membership to a local gym, and I remember many mornings of swimming laps with the gray haired ladies who'd hang on to the side of the wall and catch up on the latest gossip.  During the winter, I'd sprint from the gym to my car, but my hair would still freeze by time I got my keys in the ignition.  

I've always loved swimming...it's not only my favorite form of exercise, but it's a bit of a time machine for me, 'cause as soon as I start swimming, I'm back remembering all the good ol' days.  

I'd let my gym membership expire, but after watching Mr. Phelps, I went and signed up again, and with my new swimming buddy, Tara, we're back to swimming. 

I read a quote once that said, "Don't do what you love.  Love what you do."  Which I completely agree with...however, when you find something you know you love...and then you also get to do it, that's such a sweet combination.  This year has been filled with so many of those...it's good to be open to inspiration, and then follow through on it.  I don't always, but I never regret it when I do.  So thanks to the Olympics, for the inspiration.   

And yes...I realize my suit is amazeballs.  
Oh wait, you mean that's NOT how you were describing the design? 
My bad. :)


smw said...

so fun to hear from you again. :)

leah said...

oh micheal...he does have that affect on people...so i've heard. ;)

emilykate said...

This makes me want to start swimming!

Emilia Jane said...

Girl I wish you lived close to me, I'd love to swim with you!!!

Bethie said...

i've always hated swimming, but after reading this post, i'm quite inspired to try it again!!! indoor sounds so much better, my memories are of early morning lessons poolside in the frigid spring air, blue lips and shivering! it was the picture of misery! perhaps now that i can swim on my own terms, i'll like it!

Bethie said...

ps - i LOVE your suit!!!!

alisonsutter said...

Oh so happy to see a new post. And it did not disappoint :) Love you!

Daveana said...

WHAT a FUN Suit!!!! I would love swimming with a fun suit like that! P.S. I would love swimming at all!

Amanda said...

LOL, omg, I love the suit!

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