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Kevin + Amanda {Wedding}

Kevin + Amanda are one of those couples that I imagine hanging out at their house, eating a bowl of popcorn...and not waiting for the guy to leave the room to get into the "juicy conversation". :)  Kevin is one of those guys who makes you feel extremely comfortable, he laughs at himself, and has such a kind heart.  And Amanda is such a great compliment to him as she laughs easily, is a vibrant spirit, and the kind of girl I imagine her friends calling when they have a celebration as well as needing a good cry.

I'm honored when people like Kevin and Amanda book me as their photographer...because I know there's something in our personalities that connect...and I don't take that compliment lightly.  But who better to talk about her day than Amanda herself...

 Our wedding day was wonderful!... 

 I was so excited that the weather worked out perfectly so we could get all of our pictures outside. It was a beautiful day for the middle of August. 

 The whole day flew by, but it was so much fun, except for the part where I almost passed out on stage due to the lights being turned all the way up. Apparently that was a little too bright ;-)

  Kevin and I felt so incredibly blessed to have all of our friends and family there to support us in this new phase of life.

 It was a great celebration of what God has done in our lives by bringing us together! 


Emilia Jane said...

Her joy is contagious! I love it!!!!

smw said...

great pictures. they look so sweet.

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