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Dave + Chelsey {Engagement}

 I knew Chelsey before she knew me...she was just a little baby girl and I thought she was about the cutest little thing.  She was my cousin's cousin...one of those connections.  So when she and Dave got engaged and she asked me to shoot her wedding...well, first I felt old 'cause it was hard to believe that little Chelsey was old enough to be getting married!!...and then I felt so honored that she'd choose me.

For their engagement session, we found this park that I've fallen in love with as parts of it trick you into thinking we've walked into a jungle, while other places make me feel like I'm in Lord of the Rings. :)  In any case, it was so fun getting to know Dave and watching as they would tease eachother and sneak in kisses when they thought I wasn't looking. :)

Dave + Chelsey...you were fabulous. And it makes me really excited for your wedding!! Can't wait.

 How cute are they? Seriously.

 I loved it whenever Chelsey would break out into a giggle...

 Girl, your eyes...they kill me.


Emilia Jane said...

Love the one of them on the bridge!!

smw said...

sweet. :) i also LOVE the bridge one!

alisonsutter said...

Beautiful Tam!

Tianne Overmyer said...

You captured it Tami.....there beauty and the fun side of them and there relationship. I love these...thanks so much!! Can't wait for the wedding!!

Sandra said...

wow, now I feel old:). I remember chelsey as a baby and littl girl running around church:).
Beautiful pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that the outhouse/bathrooms for the background? Ugh!

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