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Parallel Tracks

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

"Good and bad seem to run on parallel tracks in my life and usually arrive at the same time."  
~ Ron Dunn

I have to let go to receive, become vulnerable in order to experience, and leave to arrive.

I'm sure none of this is making sense to you as a reader...and I apologize for that.  Eventually, it will...trust me.  But for now, every post I write sounds like the nonsense above...so I keep writing entries but haven't posted any of them. 

Things are never as clear as they seem in the movies, are they?  But from time to time, an opportunity comes along, and I know...it's a now or never.  And this time, I'm choosing the 'now'...and it's going to be good.  Difficult? Most likely...but good.

So as we go into Thanksgiving...I can't help but be thankful for those parallel tracks in my life.  Because the difficult challenges the easy...and reminds me to be thankful for both the good and bad that come with life opportunities.


smw said...

ok. i think you need to call me. :)

leah said...

and after you talk to shar, call me. :)

love you tam! wish i could be sitting on 'my' blue chair in the cave, chatting it up with you!

Anonymous said...

oh no please don't keep us on the edge!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Tami, and cheering you on as you seize the now

canvas prints said...

i love the photos here.

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