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Top 10 Lessons Learned...{so far}

Yesterday, I took my new calendar out of its clear wrapping and hung it up.  I starred at it for a couple seconds...then took it down and flipped through the blank pages looking at the different dates.  I wondered what those numbers would represent in the days and months to come...would it be just an average day? Will I be on a trip? Is it one that will be remembered...or quickly forgotten? I can't say, but as I stood here in my room, I couldn't help but feel like I'm living the sequel to It's a Wonderful Life...how does the story play out when George Bailey gets his wish and actually does move?

I've had many of you email or call asking how the move to the big city has gone.  With the holidays, I've only been in the city 13 days total...but that first week, I texted my sisters at one point saying, "Is it too early to say I tried this and it didn't work? I want to come home." I think that came soon after I backed into a light-pole, crunching up the back of my car.  Their response?...no response.  Good girls. I knew better...I was just having a fabulous moment...a very pathetic, drama-filled moment.   

But apart from that...it's actually been really REALLY great. I'm far from being a big city girl...I'm not sure I'll ever be one...but I've learned a few things in my first couple weeks...so here are...

My Top 10 Lessons Learned so far:

There's an app for everything.  Literally, everything.
So far, I've downloaded an app for the CTA, Metra, Transit, Amtrak, Hailing a cab, buying groceries, finding theaters, checking the status of my insurance claim, and a new photo app.  They're all meant to make my life easier, but I may be more confused than ever just trying to figure out the right app to use. 
I can buy groceries online and have them delivered!
As I said before, I don't have a car right now as it's getting fixed...and desperate times call for desperate measures...so I was told that I can buy groceries online and some sweet little person will actually deliver them to my doorstep! It's turning out that I basically moved to the city just to never leave my house. :)

 I can get along with cats.
I didn't think it was possible...but it's true.  Remember the cat that I tried to adopt? The overly needy and affectionate cat? Yeah, they're the opposite of him...although, every time I come out of my room and they see me, they go tearing off like they've just committed murder.  I've never been so constantly suspicious of two little animals in my life. 

 A Chicago city mile is COMPLETELY different from a Bloomington-Normal city mile
It still baffles me how my GPS will say that a location is 0.5 miles away and gives 10 min. as the aprox. time of travel.  

 The city makes me feel very small.

 People in the city don't make eye contact as much as they do from home.

The hardest part of getting around the city is acting like I'm not completely lost.
I went to meet a friend in the city a couple nights ago, and I kept trying to glance at the street names from the corner of my eye...and trying to follow my GPS but making it look like I was reading a text.  It was all very tricky and I got lost a couple times. By time I got to the restaurant I literally had to stand there for a couple minutes warming up my numb lips so I could form the words of her last name.  The host was not impressed...I'm clearly an amateur.

 Unless with friends, eating is a chore. 
I'm starting to think this is why Chicago has so many great restaurants...because no one feels like cooking.  It seems to be very much of a 'norm' here. Thank goodness I have Kasey and Rebekah who know me well and both sent me home with some care packages.  Kase, I'm making an effort to eat...no need to worry. :)

My allergy to alcohol actually makes a difference here.
I've never explained my allergy to alcohol as many times as I have in the past 13 days!  It was always one of those 'fun facts' to pull out when I needed one...but here, it's actually somewhat of a handicap socially. 

  I'm surrounded by really great people and friends in the City.
This continues to amaze me.  I feel like my roommates and their friends have welcomed me into their friendships completely...it was honestly very unexpected...and it means so much to me.  
It's very difficult for me to ask for help...and people have gone COMPLETELY out of their way to help and knowing that there are people that have my back makes all the difference in the world.  

So yeah...the move to the city has been very good. :)


Anonymous said...

So incredibly glad you are adjusting to life in the city! What an adventure and awesome opportunity. Can't wait to hear about more of your tales living in the Windy City. Happy New Year in a new place

emilykate said...

You're seriously allergic to alcohol?!

Glad there are good things to report!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tami,hang in there it really is great. I smiled at each of your 10....been there done that and I miss it....yes little old country girl me misses the big city. Have fun!

Amanda Miller said...

So happy for you girlie! Things are bound to be super different, but you got this!!! And let me know if you ever need a someone to help show you the ropes in the city, I'm all over it! (And I still use my GPS when walking sometimes when I'm wandering around and have forgotten which way I've come from, so don't feel bad!)

smw said...

was just thinking of you again today and wondering how you were. glad to read your post. :) love ya!

heidi said...

Fun to read this post...makes me a little sad, but mostly glad.

Pam said...

So funny, Heidi, I felt exactly the same way - a little sad, but mostly glad. Good to hear how you're doing, Tam. Love you!

Daveana said...

I was so glad to see a new post! Bummer about the car. Can't wait to hear how the rest of your calendar fills up.

~Christy said...

All of this made me smile Tami! I definitely was this same person 7 years ago when I moved to Chicago (minus the allergy to alcohol... that definitely is not a problem I have... haha). Coming from a hometown of less than 2,000 people to Chicago was a definite adjustment but I LOVE it! Just give it some time! Before you know it you won't be able to believe how much you've grown! :) xoxo! And call if you ever need anything!

leah said...

loving this update! i've been missing your blog! glad to hear there are things that you are loving! :) keep it up!

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