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Outside In

There's never been anything in my life that has caused me to evaluate myself and try to discover my likes and dislikes as much as trying to rebrand my business.  I can't even pick out a restaurant on a Friday night...so trying to design for my business has been...well, much too complicated

I was told to look at the kind of food I like to eat
...um, everything. I'm not picky.  
It was suggested I look at what music I like
...pretty sure it ranges from classical, to pop, to country, to jazz, to even some hip hop.  Don't hate. :)
How about what stores you like to shop at?
...J.Crew? Zara? Hand-me-downs?

It was finally suggested through a homework assignment for reSTARt, that we shoot a Safari Board of things we like.  So, camera in hand, I took about 30 min. yesterday afternoon to shoot...and what I came back with really surprised me...

I don't know what shocked me more...that I had a pretty cohesive sense of style or that I discovered I should have been born in the 1940's!  In any case, I loved the assignment, because it forced me to take a step outside of my head and look from the outside in.  

But more than a mood board for my brand, it reminded me of a lesson in mindfulness that was taught last week at the WhatIf conference I attended in the Dominican Republic.  We were reminded to pause...to breath in.  To take time to feel the breeze on my face from the fan, taste the saltiness of the food I'm eating, hear the laughter from the table next to me...to take in life around me.  I know it sounds pretty hokey and hippie. Trust me, when I first got there, I was thinking, "What did I just fly all the way down here for...?" But by time I left, I was learning to breath in the moment.  To take a moment in my day to acknowledge and be thankful that I'm alive...that I was breathing in and out.

I rarely take time to shoot "for myself"...but as I was walking around my house shooting for my Safari Board, I was just enjoying and shooting things I liked...noticing the little details I've overlooked...and what had seemed like an impossible task of trying to define my style suddenly...just wasn't.  It was there all along.  I just had to take the time to slow down and see it.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Emilia Jane said...

Oh I like your board :-D I can't wait to see what comes from this!

leah said...

i love your pictures! excited to see where it takes you! and happy valentines day to you too! :)

alisonsutter said...

happy valentines day, tami! love the board...it's very you!

Ashlee Strickler said...

You are beautiful & I am in LOVE with your safari board.. and you. Will you be my valentine?

Tami said...

Thanks ladies, and yes, Ashlee!! Absolutely...now just come visit me! ;) Love ya friend!!

Jolynn said...

Very cool Tami!

smw said...

fun images. :)

Amanda Miller said...

Ooooh, I love ittttt!!! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

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