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I'm up way too early...It could be because I often do this before leaving for a trip.  Or it could be the cup of coffee I chose to drink at 11:30 pm while packing.  In any case, I decided to blog to kill some time...usually a dangerous pastime at this hour.

So, as I sit here, it seems like a good idea to do a randomonday post...but be warned, if I know it's random at 2:00 am, I guarantee it'll be even worse by time you're reading this...but stick with me. It'll end well. :)

I LOVE Instagram.  I always say that it's the best of Facebook.  Let's be honest, I don't generally care what people are eating for dinner or that they worked out at they gym...however, as soon as they Instagram a picture about it, I'm suddenly I'm all in! :) It's magic...
Which is apparently why I am now following "jmarcoz" and his dogs.  Yeah...I'm pathetic. I'm fully aware of that fact.  But for some reason, I find them so funny and almost want to message him when he forgets to post a picture for the day.  My life is kinda sad at times. :)

As I was packing tonight, I noticed that I lack variety in my life.  Clearly a case of potato/potah-to...tomato/tom-ah-toe. 

Organic Pops:
Really? Is this necessary? I can't help but think the pomegranate and mango flavors are supposed to convince us this is a healthy option...and worth the 4x mark-up on price. I'm skeptical. :)

"Marry Me":
So, I'm a little late...as in 3.5 years late...but a friend of mine recently gave me this song and I can't help but really like it.  I'll admit that it could use some nachos to go along with the cheese, but I'm going to play my "wedding photographer" card on this one as my permission to like it. :)

Loved this...

Hope you have a great start to your week!! And with that...I'm off! :)


smw said...

love the dogs. and the shoes. looks a lot like my wardrobe. :) have a great trip!

Jolynn said...

Ooh, I liked that song! Hope you have a great trip to the DR! And that you get some good sunshine while there too....I think I came back from there with the best tan of my life! About 10 years ago! Enjoy!

Amanda Miller said...

Oh.My.God. That photo of the dog! I'm dying!

heidi said...

Good post Tam!

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