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Sassy Sparrow {Sneak Peek}

Yesterday, I had soooooo MUCH FUN getting to shoot the new spring totes + purses for the girls from Sassy Sparrow...

I'll post more images next week, but just had to give a quick sneak peek because I not only loved their products, but the girls behind this amazing business!! They're doing great things and I'm so excited for what's ahead...

And because it's Easter Weekend...
the word for the weekend is:

Here's the explanation again just in case you missed it last week...

Each Friday,
I'm going to post a word.

...no explanation.

Just a word.

You can take the word however you want, and take an Instagram picture representing that word.


Be sure that when you take the picture... 
hashtag: #tamigrami 
tag me @tami_paige 

so we can easily see eachother's images 
and so I can also see the images if you're images are private.  

I will pick a picture randomly 
(this is NOT a contest...so don't be worried or stressed! ha!)
post it to my blog!!  

I'm calling it 

*You can follow me on Instagram by Clicking HERE or finding me at @tami_paige 

I caught 2 images from last week that didn't get posted!!



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