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Eggs-cellent!! {tamigrami}

The randomly chosen featured picture (Wow...mouth-full!) is sooo cute!!
"Playing Busytown Matching Game with T"

The word for this weekend is:

Here's the explanation again just in case you missed it last week...

Each Friday,
I'm going to post a word.

...no explanation.

Just a word.

You can take the word however you want, and take an Instagram picture representing that word.


Be sure that when you take the picture... 
hashtag: #tamigrami 
tag me @tami_paige 

so we can easily see eachother's images 
and so I can also see the images if you're images are private.  

I will pick a picture randomly 
(this is NOT a contest...so don't be worried or stressed! ha!)
post it to my blog!!  

I'm calling it 

*You can follow me on Instagram by Clicking HERE or finding me at @tami_paige 



Daish said...

I know there are no winners (thankfully or else I would probably never have a "perfect" enough picture to share), but somehow having your picture randomly picked, and then seeing it here...makes you feel like a winner. Ha! This is fun!

Anonymous said...

This makes me wish I had instagram sigh... :)

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