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What's that there you say?

Fact: I'm terrible at mimicking accents.  Ab-so-LUTELY terrible.  Japanese, Southern, Irish, Italian...it doesn't matter. They all sound the same.

It's quite sad, really...because I feel like being able to do accents well would be such a great fit...me and accents would go together like bananas and peanut butter...or peanut butter with anything for that matter.  I think it was God's mercy on the world by not giving me that talent 'cause I'm certain I'd use it every chance given.

I can't remember if I've already told this story, but the only thing that makes a dumb story even worse better is by telling it twice. :) So the story goes something like this...

I was at a women's conference a couple years back.  It was at the end of a break-out session and a lady that I had just met and I were walking out of a very crowded and noisy auditorium.  She was telling me that she lived in Indianapolis, and I was sharing that I was from Bloomington, IL.  We were both midwesterners, but in the midst of the noise, she cocked her head sideways with a confused look on her face and said to me, "Where did you say you're from again? You have a really strong accent! In fact, I don't know if I've ever met anyone from around here with such a distinct accent."

My thought process went something like this...
Uh, why does she think I have an accent?
She and I sound exactly the same.
It must be the noisy room.
Shoot, we're almost in the hallway and she's going to be embarrassed when she realizes we sound the same!
What should I do?!

So I did what any normal midwestern half asian girl would do...I responded by saying,

"Reeeeally?!  An ache-sent hu?  Wah-y I'ver surre-ly neeee-ver hurd that beee-furr!"

Right about the time I finished butchering a southern drawl, we were in a quiet hallway where she looked at me completely confused and said, "...uh...yeah....hmm....that's uh...not...wow...you...sound different...um...ha...yeah...I'm confu...I'll see y...nice meeting you."

My thought? "I should have gone for the Irish."


leah said...

oh.my.word. this is HILARIOUS. tami, you have the funniest stories!!

Emilia Jane said...

You crack me up! Love it hahaha

Rebekah said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! I am SO glad I wasn't there. I am just dying imagining the awkwardness! But I'm glad I get to enjoy hearing about it later.

Amanda said...

To be a fly on the wall for that would have been hilarious!!!

alisonsutter said...

Best story ever. Well, maybe not ever...you have so many good ones!

smw said...

you're so goofy. :)

Tara said...

How have I never heard this story? haha

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