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Thank you...

Why is it that when I really need the words to come, they don't?

I want to find a word that says,

I want to hug you! 
I want to throw a backyard party with cafe lights and iced tea for you!
I want to send you a barber-shoppe quartet with a musical message!
I want to babysit your kids, do your laundry, and wash your windows!

I want to somehow take the overwhelming feeling inside my heart and give it to you, 'cause maybe that would help convey what each of you mean to me.   

I did not expect the response to the post from yesterday that you gave me and my family. 

But since I can't seem to find a bigger word than these...

Thank you
with all my heart.

...but what about that backyard party? :)


Emilia Jane said...

A backyard party sounds lovely <3

Amanda said...


Abi said...

I'm there! :)

Pam said...

You like barbershop quartets?? I'm going to come to Chicago to see you and let's go hear good barbershop groups, ok? And we can have the backyard party and a hug, too. And when you come this way, you can wash my windows!! :-)

Love you so much!!

megs @ whadusay said...

We'll be there! PS Kory saw your instagram on facebook of the creepy guy who caught you taking his picture. He wanted to recreate it, with him as the creepy guy. Something like "I've had that same problem" Never got around to it, but it was a funny idea, thought you would appreciate the thought. :)

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