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Dear Kait...

I was packing for Nashville.  I got my pillow.  I have my shoes.  And then I pulled my dress out of the closet...my bridesmaid dress that I'll be wearing on Saturday.  Because you, my dearest Kait...you're getting married.  

I looked at the tag for a second...
Bridesmaid: Tami
Bride: Kaitlin Huber

...and I had a moment. ;)  A moment where I wanted to pause time.  I wanted to say, "No, wait...just a second.  Just one more year...we were going to live together...take the world by storm in Nashville."
But as I held that dress, I knew I couldn't pause time...there is no more waiting.  Your weekend is here and you'll be marrying Phil.  This week is going to be busy...last minute wedding errands, family and friends coming in, fun to be had, and a lot of dancing. :)

I'm not sure how much time we're going to have, so I wanted to tell you...
Thank you for calling me that day.  You know what day.  Thank you for calling me and asking me to Chipotle...you were my little cousin when you left for California so many years ago, and you came back a young lady.  You don't know this, because to you, I was just your older cousin...but I missed you and Whit while you were gone.  I was watching you grow up across the country and I ached for the time we weren't spending together.   I wanted to know your mind...what was in your heart.

You moved home...and you were the coolest.  You weren't my little cousin anymore, but someone I looked up to.  I remember saying, "Kait is me...with confidence."  You were who I wanted to be and somehow you'd figured it out.  I really really liked who you always were...you've always made us laugh, your genuine and almost naive personality is so completely endearing.  But you also came back as someone I'd aspired to be like and who, by just being in your company, gives courage and confidence to just be who I am.    

You dream big, you work for what you want, and you don't settle.  I don't think the word "stagnant"exists in your vocabulary.  I believe in your dreams...and I know you believe in mine.  

I fell in love with the idea of you and Phil from the moment you told me about him...he was it.  Or at least I hoped he was.  I adored Phil from your heart for him and it was all just confirmed when I met him.  I've remained Phil and your biggest fan...or so I like to think. ;)

Somehow...you ended up in Nashville and I, in Chicago.  There was never meant to be that much distance between us again...but you're someone I still fall on and hold nothing back when opening my heart.  You are one of my dearest and best friends...and distance isn't going to rob us of what we got to build.

Yep, I thought I was in trouble that day you called me and asked me to lunch...'cause I didn't know why else you'd want to meet.  Surely, it wasn't just to talk...but it was...and I could never thank you enough.  

Know this, Kait...
I love you...I love you as a cousin...as a friend...as a fan...as a sister.
I am soooo incredibly proud of you.  You are truly an amazing woman...you have a beautiful heart and it has touched mine in a profound way.
I love Phil...sooo much just because I do...but even more because you do.  You're marrying one of the best I've known...and you deserve every single bit of that happiness...as he does with you.

So as I pack my dress for your wedding...I want you to know that you have honored me in such an INCREDIBLY sweet way by allowing me to be a part of your day.  You can't imagine how excited and touched I am and when you asked me...it honestly meant the world to me.  Your love continues to amaze me and I hope you can know how much I adore you.

I'm on my way, Kait...it's going to be an amazing week and weekend!! :)  The best is yet to come...I'm convinced. :)

All my love.


emilykate said...

Tami, this is so sweet! I for one will be excited to see pictures from the wedding!

leah said...

This is so special. Love all the adorable pictures you have of her. Wishing everyone well this weekend!

Rebekah said...

can't wait for the weekend!

heidi said...

Love this post about our dear Kait!!

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