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This. This Inspires Me...{Hugh Laurie}

Sometimes I'm asked what inspires me...and it's a difficult question to answer because there are so many things...but when it comes to pictures I love to look at or images I'm most proud of that I've taken, there is often a hint of awkwardness or just plain weirdness to it.  

For example...;)

There are times when an image catches my eye and I wish I could have, would have, or even better yet, will someday take a picture like it...

...and such was the case when I was standing in Starbucks ordering my iced latte and I glanced down to see this album cover.  

I may have gasped...yeah, come to think of it, I most certainly did...I remember now. :) I know my heart beat tightly as I picked it up and immediately felt inspired....that feeling when my skin tingles and I want to soak it into my gut.   

I adore this picture...and even as I sit here, I can't put my finger on why.  I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE how it's the perfect friendship of awkward and vulnerable.  I think it's because Hugh Laurie comes off as somewhat stoic, and yet, he has a childlike quality here.  It's a toy piano and yet his hands are moving as if he doesn't realize he's not playing on a Steinway concert grand.  The piano is too small, his shoes look too big.  He's dressed for and is seemingly playing with the earnestness befitting Carnegie Hall...and yet, I can't help but imagine it's plunking away in an empty park where the fog and the couple pigeons are all the audience he needs.  The music is in his head...and that's good enough for him

I'll continue to stare at this picture and wonder why I love it so much...I don't know that the answer matters or that I even need one.  

...I just know that this would be something I'd point to and say, "This.  This inspires me."...and that feels good. 


Rebekah said...

I really like this too.

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