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James + Amanda {Chicago Wedding}

Beauty and kindness...that's what James + Amanda are.

You may remember their proposal that I got to shoot a year ago!  They've had a special place with me ever since as it was such an amazing night and great to be a part!

When they asked me to be a part of the wedding day, it meant so much to me and it was neat just to see it through to the wedding day...

Ugh...moments like these are my favorite.  Amanda and her mom have such a sweet relationship and I loved watching them throughout the day.

 Okay...I just have to say, I can only remember one wedding as a photographer where I cried through the ceremony.  It was a wedding earlier this year, and I kept saying to myself, "Tami Paige Inoue, you pull it together right now.  I'm serious...stop. crying."  

But I had that moment again at James + Amanda's wedding...at this moment.  It was the combination of the song they chose, the lighting, timing...I don't know, all the above...and just having so much love and respect for these two.  So, thank goodness for autofocus, 'cause my eyes were completely blurry while shooting this!

These girls were just gorgeous...every single one of them...
The guys weren't so bad themselves...very dapper. :)
You two...I'm telling ya...stunning.

Amanda...I love this one of you.  You are a photographer's dream.

James, looking extremely sharp...those suits!! Nice...seriously, I don't notice the suits usually, but yes, these were pretty amazing.

 Everything about the reception was just pure class...

 They both have such sweet parents, and you could see their relationship in their dances...

James + Amanda...
Wow. What can I say?  Imagine me raising a glass as I say, "I wish you all the very best!"  I have loved getting to know you and seeing the beauty that are your hearts...I hope to see you again and am excited to see what all your lives will entail!!

My love.

A really special thanks to 
who second shot for me and did an amazing job!! 


Mindy said...

Gorgeous pictures! Her dress is stunning!!!

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