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Weekend Home

We've been roommates for a year...wow.  That means I've been living in Chicago for a year...that's crazy to me.  It feels so much shorter and longer all at the same time, as is often the case for me. :)

Erin had met my sisters quickly a couple times this summer, but hadn't met the rest of the clan. I talk about them so often, so it only seemed right to meet them all, and what better time than Christmas?!  So, this past weekend, we headed home for a 24 hr. trip...and I had all intentions of documenting the weekend...but forgot all about it an hour into our stay.  Fail.

So, here's the beginning...
Bek had agreed to give us a cooking lesson, so we watched her make a Chicken + Biscuit casserole! YUM!!!  I'd love to give you step-by-step photos, but since I never took a "ta-da!!" picture, I'm afraid you'll just have to imagine the end.  Double Fail.
This would be Polly...the newest little member to the family that I am absolutely IN. LOVE. WITH. Ugh!!! Even now, I just want to bring her home and use her as my pillow and just snuggle the wittle chubby fluffy face of hers...[uhem,]...sorry. Back to the post...yes, I'm obsessed.

I really wish I could show you the pictures of getting to see my dear friend, Daish...the oh-so-delicious chili dinner that Heidi made...going to watch A White Christmas together with the kiddos...sleeping by the Christmas tree...the amazing breakfast, driving home in the snow...but, well, no pictures. Triple Fail.  

Needless to say though, it was good to be home as always...and to connect such important parts and people in my life.  

Until next time. :)  

Happy Monday.


Rebekah said...

these pictures are all so fun! It was fun having Erin come!!

Daish said...

And it was wonderful to see you and meet Erin!!

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