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TP Discoveries

It's Thursday and just seemed like a good day to share some recent discoveries of mine!!!

The First...
is Samantha Lee (@leesamantha)
She is one of my very favorite Instagrammers I follow.  It's a gooooood day every time one of her images pops up in my feed!  She makes the most amazing pictures all out of food...it's really quite amazing!!

My Second discovery is also an instagrammer that I love called nature (@nature).  People from all around the world capture these amazing images of nature and tag @nature to give that account permission to use their image.  As a result, the pictures are absolutely stunning...

My third discovery is actually a pretty good tip (the only legit one on this post!)...
Your phone will charge twice as fast if you turn it on airplane mode while you charge.  I also turn it on airplane mode when I'm downtown Chicago to save on battery as the constant location locator drains the charge between the high-rise buildings!

I've also discovered that if you don't want to be taken seriously, just use a Disney Princess Lipsmacker.  I would switch it out, but it smells like pure "wonderment and happiness"...thus, proving everyone's original opinion of me. ;)

And my most recent discovery has also been the most horrifying...I mean, really?!?! really.

Same eye brows.
Same hair.  
Same complexion.

It was a sad day when I realized my celebrity look-alike was MJ.
oooOOOooohhh Michael...not really the look I was going for.  :)
Do you have any fun discoveries or embarrassing celebrity look-alikes?! Ha!...feel free to share...it'd make me feel better. ;)

Happy Thursday!



emilykate said...

Um, okay, those food photos are amazing. I'm going to have to follow both of those! And good iPhone suggestion! And...I'm not going to deny that resemblance, but I think that one is his problem, not yours. :)

Elliot said...

Amazing food creativity! And nature - wow! But MJ - no!! Eyebrows yes, but that's it. Love you!

Elliot said...

OOPs, this is Pam, not Elliot

Daniel & Kasey said...

Another great post, because its totally you, Tam! You make me smile!!!

Jen Sexton said...

You just gave me a good laugh, Tami! Thanks for the phone charging tip! I'll be sure to use this often. :)

Christen Leigh said...

Wow those food pictures are so inspiring! I will have to show those to my students! :)

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