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Dish: Toast

I had written earlier that I was going to start reviewing different "eateries" that I've been to from the perspective of a good friend who likes to try good food...opposed to a foodie (someone who knows food trends and can dissect a plate!)

You may also remember that I had asked for name suggestions and that the winner would get a dinner on me...well, easy enough for me, my sister suggested the winning name "Dish"...so Heidi-ho, you and me. :)

In the meantime, I thought I'd review a breakfast place that I have come to love called...

Lincoln Park - Bucktown

It may be that first loves die hard, but I have to say, I'm partial to the Toast in Bucktown.  Possibly because it's very close to my house, or possibly because it just feels cheerier to me...a very important feature for a breakfast place. :)

Toast is known for their eggs benedict...which just happens to be my go-to item.  For breakfast, I like to order eggs benedict to compare between restaurants, and for lunch, I have a thing for fish tacos.  Anyway, back to my point...

Their eggs benedict are quite delicious!! They have about 6 different options if I remember right...I've gotten both the standard and the crabby benedict.  Yuu-uum.  I've literally dreamt about them...it's true.  I had a dream that I woke up, walked to Toast, and ordered my benedict.  Don't be jealous of my dreams. :)

I recently met a friend there, and she ordered the Pepper eggs...which she said were good.  I don't remember a lot of exclamations, so I'm going to guess that they were good, but probably no dreams to follow...

When I asked the server what they're most known for, he immediately said, "Definitely our french toast"...It's three pieces of stuffed french toast, and you can choose which you'd like.  It's either filled with Strawberry, Chocolate ganache, or mascarpone.  I'll be honest, I rarely to never order a sweet breakfast plate because I just never crave it.  But, I felt compelled to as it's their most popular item...so go big or go home...I ordered all three flavors.  Here was my conclusion:

1.  Yes, I definitely can see why it's their most popular item!! It was absolutely delicious...the mascarpone was my favorite...the chocolate my least.

2. If you're not a huge sweet-tooth like me, it's probably best if your dinner mate orders something savory and you split, 'cause after about one, it became a little too sweet.  

The service was quick and very nice as is how it's been each time I've gone.  The atmosphere is nice...not amazing.  It's a pretty typical feel that you get at a breakfast diner in Chicago...cozy, a little tighter seating than ideal, and a lot of hustle and bustle...all which I don't mind when eating breakfast out...not sure why that is. 

Every time I've gone and asked my friends how they'd rate it, I get about a 4-4.5 response...so it seems fitting that my rating came out to be the same!

So yes, it's become a regular breakfast place to meet up with friends, and I'd definitely recommend it!! Pretty sure you won't be disappointed. :)

Rating Scale: 1-awful 2-bad 3-average 4-good 5-dance a jig
location: 4
cost: 3.5
taste: 4.5
ambiance: 4
service: 4
would I return again: Absolutely...and I do.



leah said...

oh my, this place looks AWESOME. breakfast is by far my favorite meal!

Rebekah said...

I really want to vacation in Chicago and just spend the whole time eating at all the great restaurants. (insert pig smacking lips...the emoji that still needs to be made!)

Bri Allen said...

Yum! Toast was delicious as always. I agree with the french toast, I usually order 2 mascarpone and one strawberry with a side of burnt bacon. I always need a little salty if I'm ordering sweet.

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