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Popcorn + Youdles

I love popcorn.  I'm not sure who discovered this amazing snack, but whoever you were, I salute you.

The following may scare you, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

So my brother in law, who is also a math teacher, has told me about this concept of youdles.  It's a mathematical measurement for enjoyment.  I've tried to Google this term, and can't find it, but I trust Matt-a-tat, so I'm going with it.

The idea is to get the most youdles out of an experience.  Because of this, Matt has a specific way in which he eats Oreos, and he also knows when to stop eating them, because if you over-indulge in a pleasure, then you're not getting the most youdles and therefore, diminishing the quality and amount of enjoyment you could have.  Basically, the point is to maximize your youdles.

Well, Matt and I have spent much time talking about how to maximize our youdles...yes, we're scaring you.  But this is why my brother-in-laws are awesome.

So, back to popcorn...where all full circles end with me.

I eat popcorn about 5 nights a week...so I've had time to think about this. I have this thing where in order to maximize my youdles while eating popcorn, my bowl needs to be the right weight.  If my bowl is too heavy and bulky, then it minimizes the taste of popcorn and makes me feel like I'm eating air.  And when I sit, it's awkward to hold a really heavy bowl.  However, if I get a bowl that's too light...like a plastic bowl, that makes me feel like I'm just holing a balloon and nothing feels quite sturdy.

So, I have discovered the perfect bowl for my popcorn consumption is this strainer I have.  It's just the right size and weight...sometimes, I think in another life, I'd be Goldilocks.

Okay...I'm done with that weird bowl topic.  Just felt like it needed to be shared. :)

But I was also going to say is that I try many different mixtures of popcorn, and thought you should know about a couple...

1. I think Stircrazy or popcorn made in a popcorn pan on a stove is the best.  However, that's often not an option, so I also like Popsecret's Homestyle popcorn...tastes pretty close!

2. I also really like the combination of kettle corn and chilli cheese fritos...the curly ones that look like pasta.  Yep, if you mix those together, it's amazefest-USA. Trust me.

3. I also like:

  • popcorn with a little garlic salt
  • popcorn with pepper
  • popcorn with cumin
4. I never drink a glass of milk...however, when it comes to popcorn, it's such a good combination. Not sure why.

I actually have a popcorn recipe book.  I can't say that I'm a popcorn connoisseur as I'm not biased...I actually love stale or burnt popcorn just as much as fresh.  I like any kind of popcorn. I'm just saying...popcorn is so good

So, the conclusion to this ridiculous post is this:
I love popcorn
I'm a little OCD when it comes to my popcorn bowl
And I recently went and watched Noah...worst movie ever, but I have pleasant memories of the experience because of my popcorn.


leah said...

hahaha! i LOVE this. i have such great memories of you eating popcorn in the cave, but i don't think i realized your level of obsession until now! :) such a fun post!

Anonymous said...

I eat popcorn at least four times a week. I sometimes wish my family(specifically husband), would be cool with eating it for dinner. I think it would be fabulous! And I think it sometimes grosses out Benji that I can eat my body weight of movie theater popcorn. It's the best!

Sandra said...

We are huge fans of popcorn too!! Try seasoned salt on your stir crazy popcorn sometime. I think it's pretty good;)

Amanda said...

Yessss....I've eaten popcorn for dinner the past 2 nights in a row! Ha. I am a popcorn fiend! And yessss to pepper on popcorn! Yum!

emilykate said...

I never eat popcorn anymore because Dev doesn't like it...but this post has inspired me to start again!

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